Creating your social media calendar theme

Creating Your Social Media Calendar Theme

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Now that we have our basic structure that's pretty much replicable across the weeks right we scheduled our first week now let's give each day a theme so that this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy we know what to do that day for example here we're gonna wanna maybe sell because for most businesses you know you want to get ahead of all the other competitive businesses before gonna sell that week so you want to sell on Monday maybe make a sales e post it's very common on the weekend let's say on the 6th right so in the 60 we'll do something like say it's a personal post ok so each day is going to have a theme on Tuesday maybe you'll add some industry research or news like that on the 3rd you're building superfans so it will be something like this and you're really focusing on customer support and you're answering questions you might add like AMA ask me anything so you can do a lot of stuff just to engage current followers and interact with them so this is more about interaction on Friday a lot of people like to do Friday wins and maybe have your social followers say what they got done this week and maybe on Monday if you don't want to sell each week here because it's a first of the month maybe you can make Monday goals goals for the week go goals for the month but then here you wanna sell and then again on the 15th maybe like that so now you have themes then sometimes people do Wednesday can be like hump day which means people are having a hard time usually getting through the week so maybe they need a little humor.

That may be also good but maybe if you in case in this particular case because Wednesday is all about building superfans the fourth might be just that humor you don't have to make your own funny things you can just find funny memes online and repost it there's a ton of that going around then maybe you want to post more educational things so for example this Tuesday on the 9th you might do your own your educational video or vlog post see that and you might even want to do this more often because you want to have a little more substance unless you're an entertainment entity but if you're a regular business maybe you want to educate people a little bit more so maybe on the 16th you also want to do that and then on the 23rd you maybe have a choice your own educational post or some industry news post so if you find something that you find compelling going on in your industry some news some research that you come across throughout the month you can post it if not that's a good opportunity to promote more of your content now you do want to use social media to promote a lot of your content and of course the Wednesday your that's actually what you're doing anyway right because you're gonna be posting your links during the live sessions and half of Tuesdays essentially you're posting that as well and of course on Mondays you're mostly selling your things instead of the Monday goals so Friday you don't have to sell as much because you've been selling all week Friday is make people feel good about themselves about their work Friday wins you can conversely do Sunday if maybe Saturday will be a personal post you can make the Saturday personal post but Sunday goes for next week just like that so that in case you want to sell on Monday you don't have to have that interfere with your sales posts because the goals which is what you're doing in the first the goals will actually be something you create on the on the on Sundays which is actually really good because then people have a plan for their week and it's actually a very productive sort of thing so again Thursday now you have options and it wouldn't be a bad idea to just make Thursday and Friday just social posts or you can skip posts these are days that have generally less web activity if you compare them to Monday Tuesday Wednesday these days usually have the most web activity in most industries some industries the activities on the weekends some industries are seasonal but in general most activity for promoting things is Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday and Saturday and Sunday are like you don't want to promote too much because there's less people online anyway and then on Thursday it's kind of like a free-for-all day.

You can do whatever you like if you want to promote more content do that promote a video do that if you want to take a day off and actually focus more on your work that's a good day to do that because you don't want to be on Friday like I didn't get a whole lot done for myself this week so maybe Thursday's a good day just hunker down and work that may be a good day to skip a post because you've been selling pretty hard on Monday Tuesday Wednesday so that's how I structure the social media calendar nothing's written in stone if you're behind on higher priority work you can skip this just don't skip it too much because then it just becomes entirely skipping and it defeats the entire point of this so that's how you can give themes to your days so that when you wake up and you're thinking what should I post you don't have to think about that because you know exactly Monday you're selling Tuesday is industry news or education Wednesday's live there's no second guessing so the point of this calendar is that you know exactly what to do when and over time you become extremely good at it and it takes almost no time and it helps you grow your business.

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