Thirty Second Pitch

Thirty Second Pitch

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

Social Media Marketing is a strategy that utilises social media platforms to promote and market products and services. It was first developed by Izzat Tanui, the CEO of Aradial, for his own company. His idea came about as he wanted to advertise how different Aradial is from other marketing companies. He wanted to use a marketing tool that would be more effective than traditional advertising methods such as billboards and TV ads. It wasn’t until 2007 that Tanui saw his vision realised when he promoted his marketing company on Facebook. Since then, Social Media Marketing has been used by a number of different companies around the world including Dell Computers, Coca-Cola and Sony.

I: Body

Social Media Marketing is a simple concept with a broad scope of application. As a whole, it is a great way to promote the products and services that a business has to offer. By using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos, businesses can reach out to millions of people around the world. For example, Coca-Cola used social media marketing to create a unique interactive Coke vending machine. Anyone who went up to the machine could type in their Twitter or Facebook account details so they could appear on Coke’s Facebook page with a video of themselves drinking a Coke. The video would then be posted online with a description of how exciting it was to drink a Coke from the machine. This is just one example of how businesses have used social media marketing to great effect.

II: Conclusion

Social Media Marketing is an effective way for businesses to promote their products and services around the world. With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it would be foolish for any business not to incorporate Social Media Marketing into its plans for the future.

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