Script for cold emailing (link-begging) for backlink requests

Script for cold emailing (link-begging) for backlink requests

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

A: I’m going to tell you about Social Media Marketing. It can be used for link-building purposes.

II: Body

A: So let’s say I make a blog with the domain name and I want to rank it in Google for “Pay per click management”, which is my target keyword with a very high search volume.

Now let me create a Facebook page with the exact same name. I’ve done this before, it works great!

So now when I’m on my website, I can put a little button that says “Like us on facebook”. If someone likes the page, they are added to an audience that I can then target with ads. These ads will cost me less than $1 per 1k impressions (CPI) and people click them like crazy because they think it’s a LIKE button and they’re not paying attention. So I pay like $0.50 for 1k impressions and then I show them an ad saying something like “Click here to learn more about Pay per Click marketing” and then I send them to my blog, and it usually takes them to a landing page where there is a form for their email address and another form asking for their name and email address and other information and maybe an opt-in box for something like a newsletter.

Now I have 2 ways to get people to give me their email address:

1) With the Facebook Like button, where I pay $0.50 per 1k impressions and then people fill out a form, but this method is not as good as the next one because people don’t check their Facebook pages as much as their email inboxes, so the conversion rate is lower.

2) With cold emailing, where I pay $0.01 per 1k impressions and then people fill out a form and give me their email address and first name and maybe some other information if they want to receive material from me or from someone else that I know or work with or whatever. This method has a much higher conversion rate because people check their email inboxes all the time, but this method is expensive because of the low CTR.

Now I have an email list of 100k email addresses that I can sell for $0.50 each to Adwords advertisers or anyone else who wants to market to this group of people via email or whatever other means. But this is not my only monetization strategy.

I also have a Facebook page called DigitalMarketer with 10k fans and a Twitter account with 5k followers and a Pinterest profile with 1k followers and a Youtube channel with 300 subscribers. All these things have been created over many months by posting educational material on them everyday at least once a day, sometimes twice a day. Now if people see one of those posts in their feed, they might decide to click on it instead of just scrolling past it because they liked what they saw or read or whatever, so now they land on my website, and maybe they even give me their email address so I can send them more content over time, maybe a special report or a video series or whatever. And once they fill out all those forms, there is no way they can leave my site without giving me their email address unless they clear their browsing data (which most people don’t do). And even if they do, there is no way for them to tell whether or not they actually gave me their email address the first time around, so I can still send them material afterwards if I want to (but I wouldn’t unless they gave me an offer first). And if I ever want to stop sending them new material, I can just unsubscribe them from the email list (I’m not really an asshole like that though). But anyways, now I have 100k email addresses that I can sell to advertisers for $1 each or more depending on how relevant they are to my niche.

But this is not my only monetization strategy either! Now let’s say that on my website I have some kind of software or plugin that helps you manage your Facebook Ads campaigns(or campaigns on any other network) better than you can do on your own. People will pay me $50 bucks or $100 bucks or $500 bucks or even $1000+ dollars for this small piece of software that makes managing Facebook Ads campaigns easier or faster or more profitable or whatever. And it would be pretty easy to create such a product because many people use Facebook Ads every day to promote their own businesses/websites/products/whatever.

And there are many other ways to make money using social media marketing besides selling email lists and software products! You could create an affiliate program for certain products or services or even create your own products that you could sell via your social media platform! There are lots of possibilities with social media marketing! Let’s discuss them now!

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