How to get links on Wikipedia

How to get links on Wikipedia

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Seo and social media marketing strategy

The success of many companies of the 21st century is closely related to a proper Social Media Marketing.

Social networks play a very important role in modern culture, since they offer a wide range of possibilities to improve communication with customers and fans.

In this way companies can promote new products or services at a very low cost, spread news about promotions and events, read customer feedbacks and get more loyal fans.

Social networks are one of the main reasons why so many people become interested in a brand or a company.

In this article I will discuss how to use Social Media Marketing to increase the visibility of a website and get links from Wikipedia.

II: Body

A: How to get links on wikipedia

The most popular social network is Facebook, but it cannot be considered as an effective tool for SEO.

In fact Facebook is not a search engine and it is true that many users do not go on Facebook searching for something, but primarily to communicate with their friends, to make new contacts and to share pictures.

For this reason, I am going to talk about other websites that allow you to get backlinks and also to find new customers.

Linkedin is a professional network where professionals can find job opportunities and connect with other people in their industry. It is quite useful if your company needs workers or if you need to find some experts who can provide you with information and advice.

Twitter is also very good for Social Media Marketing because it allows you to meet new people and to get hundreds of followers in just a day. Twitter is very useful if you want to know what others think about your company.

Google+ is a perfect place for SEO experts because it allows them to link their Google+ accounts to their websites, blog and social profiles. It does not allow users to add links in the description field of the website, but they can add them in the description field of their profile. This is a great opportunity for SEO experts to add backlinks that will improve the ranking in Google, without getting penalized by Google Panda algorithm. Usually Google+ profiles are not indexed by Google, but when you add a few lines of code at the website, Google will index your profile and add your profile page in search engines results pages (SERP). Hence, if you add some interesting content in your Google+ profile, you can publish it on your website too through your website’s RSS feed.

Pinterest is one of the best websites for Social Media Marketing because it allows you to share images with your friends or publically on the website. Pinterest is used mainly by women, but it is also very interesting for SEO professionals who want to know better what users look for in Google. If you want your Pinterest account to be visible in search engines, you have to connect it with your blog because Pinterest allows you to create an application that will show related images from your Pinterest account on your blog. This application has to be approved by Pinterest staff before being published online.

One of the most appreciated social networks is YouTube because it allows users to share videos online. Most people use YouTube to watch music videos, news clips or funny videos created by other users. If you have created viral videos or have uploaded interesting videos about your business or industry, then YouTube should be part of your Social Media Marketing Plan. Most importantly, people who want to follow your company should subscribe to your YouTube channel because there are many advantages for subscribers. People who subscribe to your YouTube channel will receive automatically an email notification each time you upload a new video or update old ones. This is very important because by subscribing to your YouTube channel they stay informed about new developments about your company or products. Furthermore, YouTube videos are usually linked to other video sharing websites like Vimeo or Dailymotion; therefore, by having many subscribers on YouTube, you will also gain more traffic on other websites where your videos are shared.

Last but not least, Linkedin Pulse allows users to share links, articles and videos freely on its platform. People who want to attract attention can create an article and post it on Linkedin Pulse; if this article is interesting enough, it will gain visibility among other users’ feeds and this could bring traffic towards the author’s website or blog. The best way to use Linkedin Pulse for SEO purposes is by publishing articles that are directly related to your own website or blog content; hence, the readers who click the shared article will be redirected towards your content, which can enhance the authority of your website.

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