History and economic roots of marketing

History and economic roots of marketing

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Seo and social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing is a digital marketing technique which uses social networks to bring together an organization’s business objectives with its social media strategy. SMM strategy implementation builds the reputation of the business, creates online visibility for it and makes it scalable.

SMM implementation plan must be flexible because it is always evolving. It must include the following elements:

Content Strategy – Content is king. It must be consistent, relevant, original, current, complete, easily readable and understandable. The content must be unique and interesting. It must promote interactions among the target audience and the business.

Analytics – The data gathered through analytics can guide decision makers to take appropriate action. SMM implementation plan cannot be successful without the right analytics tools in place. Analytics helps to measure engagement, conversion rates, impressions, reach, traffic and popularity of various social networks. These metrics are essential for any SMM implementation plan.

Planning – SMM implementation plan must be consistent with other marketing strategies of the organization. It must be integrated with other digital marketing channels like SEO and email marketing. The timing of social media activities must be planned carefully. SMM implementation plan should strive to make an impact on the target audience first and then convert them into customers. Companies which implement the SMM strategy correctly will enjoy high ROI.

II: Body

A: History and economic roots of marketing

Global SMM strategy implementation started in the early 2000s when large companies realized that there was more potential in online marketing than traditional marketing methods. As time passed by, more companies jumped on the bandwagon to establish their presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube etc. They realized that they could connect to their target customers directly via these platforms. The days of traditional marketing were over and businesses had to go digital.

Marketing has a long history going back to the 1800s when going door to door became a popular way to sell products. In those days people paid attention to what salesmen said because they knew each other personally. In today’s world people pay more attention to what they see on social media rather than what salesmen say because they don’t know each other personally. That’s where social media marketing comes into play. Marketing is about connecting with customers through different channels and providing them with information which they need to make informed decisions. With SMM strategy implementation, businesses can communicate with their customers directly through social media platforms. Customers can share the content they like with their friends on various social platforms and it becomes viral very quickly. Creating an interactive environment for customers will help the business reach out to a large audience. In addition, customers will also feel as though they are part of a large community which will make them feel as though they are loyal to the business as well as loyal to each other. Businesses which implement effective SMM strategy will achieve their business goals faster and more cost effectively than those who don’t have a strategy at all or those who implement one that isn’t effective enough to generate leads and revenue.

B: Economic roots of social media marketing

Businesses which implement efficient SMM strategy won’t just benefit from increased revenue and improved reputation but they will also help pave the way for more opportunities for growth and expansion. Bigger businesses will find themselves working together with smaller businesses on joint ventures and partnerships based on common interests such as promoting specific products or services on behalf of each other. Smaller businesses might even help bigger businesses by doing things like writing reviews about their products or advertising their products on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This kind of co-operation between bigger and smaller businesses will improve communication and help both parties achieve their goals faster and more cost effectively than trying to do it alone. This is what we call economic growth at its best!

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