Generating and Submitting Sitemap

Generating and Submitting Sitemap

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

The term 'SEO' is the abbreviation of the phrase "search engine optimization". It refers to the practices that are used to improve the ranking of a website in search engines. These are usually achieved by using different techniques to make the site visible for search engines. The purpose is to enable the site to be ranked higher in search results.

There are different SEO strategies that can be used (Jansen, 2010). They include:

• On page SEO

• Off page SEO

• Link building

• Social media marketing

This article will focus on the social media marketing strategy and how it is used to help businesses reach their customers through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc (Jansen, 2010). This paper will show the importance of social media marketing strategy and how it can help businesses grow.

Social media has become one of the major ways for people to communicate with each other. The reason why businesses should use social media is that it gives them the opportunity to market their products and services to their customers. This can help them increase their profits. Social media marketing strategy should be used because it has the power to bring more traffic to a business' website. It can also increase visibility and improve traffic flow to a firm's web-page (Roman, 2011).

There are many reasons why small businesses should take advantage of social media marketing. The first one is that they can use these sites to promote their products and services. Social media marketing strategy enables small businesses to reach out to their target audience. They can do this by creating websites on these sites that will feature their products (Jansen, 2010). They can also post blogs on these sites that would be relevant to their products or services. Another way for them to advertise their products is by taking advantage of the comments section of the blogs. People who visit these blogs can leave comments about the product. By doing this, more people would be exposed to their product.

Another advantage of using social media marketing strategy is that they can build trust with their customers. By doing this, they will be able to attract more customers. Social media marketing strategy is considered effective because it helps companies build relationships with their customers, especially when they use Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter (Roman, 2011). Social networking sites give them an opportunity to interact with people who have similar interests.

Social media marketing strategy provides them with valuable feedback from people who have already bought their products. This feedback enables them to find out what improvements their products need so that they would be more acceptable to their customers. It also allows them to identify areas where they need more improvement so that they can develop their products further (Jansen, 2010). This feedback can help them improve their products faster than if they did not get any feedback at all. Having feedback about their products will enable them to learn where they are lacking and what they need to do to improve themselves in order to appeal to more people. With this strategy, they will be able to identify their target audience more easily, which will eventually help them expand their business in the future.

Social media marketing strategy can help small businesses promote their products without spending much money. There are many free resources available on these sites that they can use for business promotions (Roman, 2011). For example, Facebook offers business pages for companies to create. These pages are free for businesses to create and maintain. This is an excellent way for them to promote their products without spending too much money on advertisements. They can also purchase advertisements on these sites for a fee. These advertisements will appear whenever the users log onto the site. This means that these advertisements will reach a large number of people who have visited these sites before. Social media marketing strategy enables businesses to reach out to a larger audience without spending too much money on advertising fees (Jansen, 2010). When businesses spend less on advertisement costs, this means that they do not have to charge their customers higher prices for the products or services that they are selling. This is because they have lower costs of production because they are not spending so much money on advertising fees. This helps these businesses cut down on costs and pass these savings onto their customers while still making a profit (Roman, 2011). It also means that these businesses could provide better customer service and at the same time offer better products and services (Jansen, 2010). This is because they will not need to raise the prices of these products and services because they do not have increased costs of production because of high advertising expenses (Roman, 2011).

Social media marketing strategy allows small businesses to market their products cheaply and effectively at the same time (Roman, 2011). Businesses can create free websites on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and promote their products there (Jansen, 2010). This saves them from paying high fees for professional web design services or buying expensive web domains and hosting packages (Roman, 2011). They can use free online tools such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck so that they can monitor different social media sites and respond quickly when someone mentions one of their products or services (Jansen, 2010). These tools allow businesses to search for keywords related to their products or services and then respond directly using Twitter or Facebook. By doing this, they can get direct feedback from customers and this helps them improve their products and services even further (Roman, 2011). Businesses can also use social media marketing strategy effectively by monitoring trends in social media sites like YouTube and identifying popular videos related to their niche (Jansen, 2010). They can then use these videos as a way to promote related products or services in a subtle way. They can create links from their website or buy ad spaces in these videos so that when viewers click on this link or watch the video, they would be redirected back to the business' website (Roman, 2011). This is a very effective way for them to market their products cheaply and effectively at the same time (Jansen, 2010). Businesses should take advantage of social media marketing strategy because it provides many benefits compared to traditional forms of marketing such as print ads and television advertisements. These benefits include low cost, low risk and being able to reach a massive audience at the same time.

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