A/B testing and how to increase conversion rates & relation to sales funnels

A/B testing and how to increase conversion rates & relation to sales funnels

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Seo and social media marketing strategy

SEO and social media marketing is a very important part of the marketing funnel.

It is important to start with SEO and work your way down to social media marketing. This is because if you do not have any traffic, there would be no conversions and thus no sales. If you plan on doing SEO for social media marketing, then it is important that you already have some traffic built up before you start your social media marketing efforts.

You can also begin your social media marketing campaign without having done SEO first. Social media marketing does not necessarily need to start at the bottom of the funnel. It can be a good idea to start with social media channels first and move up the funnel as more traffic is gained through social media efforts.

A/B testing and how to increase conversion rates & relation to sales funnels

A/B testing is a way to measure conversions of a product or service after a change has been made. In an A/B test you try out two different versions of a webpage. Each version gets shown to a different group of users. After a period of time, the conversion rates of each page are measured and depending on which page had the higher conversion rate, that page is then used as the final page for your website.

This can be done on a lot of different parts of a website. For example, you could create a new landing page where people will be taken after they click on a Facebook ad. You could also create new content for a blog post or for a Facebook ad text. You could even change the color of a button on your website! The possibilities are endless.

A/B testing is a very important part of any conversion funnel. It helps to measure how well different versions of a product or service convert into sales or leads. This is especially true when it comes to services that have a longer sales or lead generation process like SaaS or eCommerce companies. If someone decides to sign up for your free trial or buy your ebook, they might not purchase your main package right away. They probably will, but it might take them weeks or even months to do so. By using A/B testing you can see which version of your free trial or ebook converts better, helping you make decisions on what to offer in the future based on real data rather than gut feelings or guesses.

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