8 ways to get good links by getting publicity

8 ways to get good links by getting publicity

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

In this time, social media marketing is the best way to promote a website online. In this article, I will tell you 8 ways to improve your rank on search engines by social media marketing.

II: Body

1. Make friends with journalist and find out what they need from you. You can make a useful press release and send it to journalists. Then they will cover your news in their articles.

2. Use some important key words in your tweet or status update. For example, you can add “get free widgets” in your tweet. If users click on follow button, they will see your website more easily.

3. Upload some popular videos on YouTube and add a good headline for them. Then add a link on the bottom of video for your website or blog.

4. Post your content on some blogs that allow guest posting. Just let them know that you are from a website or blog that will be linked in your bio section. After that, ask them to link to your website or blog in the body of the post.

5. Find out which websites are getting traffic recently and write an article about them. Then just share it on Twitter. For example, if I want to get traffic from Gizmodo, I can write an article about cool things found on Gizmodo lately.

6. Follow all the people who are following your competitors on Twitter and connect with them via Twitter or LinkedIn. If you think you can help them with something, just send them a message and ask to connect with them on one of these social media platforms. It is very likely that they will accept, especially if they can get something useful in return.

7. Create a page on Google Plus (and other social media sites if you like) and add your website link there. Then share posts from other pages related to your industry on your page too. It is much easier to reach users through Google Plus than Facebook or Twitter because Google Plus shares posts in real time when people are searching for something relevant to their searches (not like Facebook where they won’t see your posts unless they like your page).

8. Post comments on news websites about an article that is related to your website’s niche. Just let them know that you have something interesting to say about the subject that will be helpful for other readers too. This way you can build relationships with journalists and get links back to your website.

III: Conclusion

Social media marketing works fine for attracting traffic to your website but it can also help you improve your ranking on search engines because social signals are very important for search engines too. So start doing social media marketing if you haven’t done yet!

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