How to write a press release for your website?

How to write a press release Part 2

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: This is my last name says the bukhara blah so the quote ends here it took an entire quote this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and you kind of also talk about you know how you sweet kind of tell the story of how the book is written why how came about all that and it tours and you sort of write about the company just a paragraph and then you want to give contact information at the bottom right so again my email my phone number and you might also want to add a nice photo that they should add I didn't add it here but you could add a nice photo that maybe your logo maybe some photo of your product screenshot and that's just sort of if the journalist does decide to publish your story that would be the image they would use so so you be basically giving them everything and when you're done with this what you do is you can send this to ping our web which is a press release sort of website they'll send the press release on your behalf to hundreds or maybe thousands of journalists same thing with PR log and or you know if there are top publications which you want to run your story what you can do is you can send this press release right to the journalists who write on your business niche for the publications that you only want to cover you most want to cover your story and what you can do is you can here's a trick to increase the chances of you getting published by those guys is in when you send the press release you what you want to do is you want to say like we you know you want to do an exclusive an exclusive means that the story will be exclusively on their publication right to your noggin send this to any other journalists so that the story will be exclusively on whatever application you want and you give them something like 24 hours to reply whether they're gonna are gonna follow through and then it is gonna be an exclusive article and if not then you send it to all other journalists so this is forgive but given an exclusive it's kind of a nice neat way to help you increase your chance of getting your story published by a publication that you really are after and I'll have I'll include the press release template right in right after the lecture so you can just copy it and you know keep the structure but you know just maybe add your information instead of mine you also want to link to the book whatever the product is right so for example this is the most the most comprehensive well research guide on business if that's ever been written we can link to it right you link to it give the URL apply and I have the URL copy pasted this is the URL right here actually here's a book you want to take it from here I already did that so here it is and now when the journalist gets the book a I'm sorry gets that press release they will just be able to click the press release and go the right to the book so they'll be aware of what the product is and you might also want to link this to you know link this to your HTTP da PW when you left um and there you go don't get it with links you might also want to link this you get the picture you get the idea you know you don't need me to I'll show you how to do that but just for right so now everything is linked if you want to really be good you want to link this email as an email but okay you get it and then the press release is fine it's catchy has a catchy title has a story in there that the journalist can copy and paste again you should have a photo maybe a screenshot of your products or maybe in my case a cover of the book you should could add it right here and then you're set send you again you were set to send it off to journalists of course if you're working with a publicist they will already have a probably a big list of journalists who know them so if the publicist get an email with a press release if the publicist sends it to the journalists that they know there will be a far higher chance that your story will get covered of course because the publicist has already established relationships whereas if the journalists hear about you the first time they get your press release there will be a little bit less of a chance that they'll run the story because they don't know you and they will think that you know you they you know it will take them a little bit of time to learn about you and that's a little bit of a barrier so that's an advantage of like working with a publicist or a PR company that they have you're going to be leveraging their existing relationships with journalists and if you're doing this on your own without that you're gonna have to either kind of live with it with the lower chance that you're gonna get coverage or before you send this out you should spend a month or two really establishing relationships with the journalist on social media so that you can dance for every childhood to them and say hey and say hey I just sent you something take a look those that sort of thing will again increase the chance that you might get press coverage from them and the whole template will be in the extra resources for this lecture so check that  

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