How to use publicity stunts to get publicity?

How to use publicity stunts to get publicity

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Can you tell us how to use publicity stunts to get interesting kind of a publicity for your business this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy sure so let's talk about that real quick so publicity stunts I think are very effective especially if you if you know if you do it right I mean can be very effective if you do it wrong then you look like a schmuck and people get mad at you so for instance if you're a plastic surgeon you could you could do a April Fool's Contest so you can have a fake contest on April Fool's Day that you're going to give fifty women you know free breast plant surgery and of course everybody's going to talk about that and then of course you can say hey April Fool's and you know hopefully it will it won't backfire in your face but guess what a lot of people are going to hear about your name and about your practice so it could work out really good another you know another stunt that you might could have fun with depending on where you live like I know again you and I have talked about this before you live in Brooklyn so you can sell the Brooklyn Bridge so you know and what I mean by that is you know the Brooklyn Bridge goes under maintenance every year you could go to the Brooklyn Bridge today and I guarantee you you're going to find a chunk of the of the Brooklyn Bridge that is falling off the Brooklyn Bridge you can now take that chunk and break it up to the smaller chunks and sell it so Alex now can literally sell the Brooklyn Bridge that would probably get you some publicity you can do that with a lot of different things so you've got to be smart about it again this is an area where we could do a whole really a whole hour of training on maybe even two hours of training on because it's very it's very something that you can do very carefully and really be aware of what you're doing and what your objective is when doing any kind of publicity especially a publicity stunt and you want to make sure that you can come off looking cool and make sure that everybody has a fun time verses coming off looking really bad and like an idiot  

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