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How To Get Publicity From Events

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Hi, there in this lecture we're gonna talk about how to get publicity by leveraging events this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy.  and the events can be two kinds of events it can be events that you put on or events that are put on by other people and other organizations that you can leverage and you know be there as like an expert speaker or something or presenter okay you want to leverage both first let's chat about leveraging other people's events it's easier because you don't have to organize it you don't have to promote it enough to do anything you show up do your thing talk about your stuff and hopefully you know there will be people who in the audience will be interested and the idea of events right is that if you present at good events at some point journalists will either be in the audience okay covering that event which means they're gonna talk about you or if the event is really cool it might just get pressed on its own and I'll give it a little bit of a couple of examples how I got pressed a little bit later in this video so and I'll also show you actually I'll show you now so you can and if you don't know where to look for events you're not sure definitely do your own research and you know look into it but I want to give you one good example of meetup calm I don't know if you know this website it's a popular website I have it open it's a meetup calm meet-up calm it's free for you to use and browse I mean if you want to organize your own events you have to pay but if you wanna look at other people's events and join those that's free so here's what you do like let's say I'm in the mobile app business I created some mobile apps let's say that I search for mobile apps right and ten miles radius right and I want to see the groups and I just search and it shows me all these groups all these groups and what I see apps and when I see blah blah blah like I'm around and I see that's why I strong me that so let's see ok and we see app startups and you see that they have an organizer right here and I'll actually make this a little bigger for you guys so they have an organizer right there all you do is read what kind of events they have like what would the themes are typically and you can actually contact the organizer and pitch them your unique presentation right and what do you pitch them how do you know what to pitch well it's the same pitch that you pitch anyone when you approach them bloggers podcasters whenever you try to get publicity you make you know you kind of make that cold pitch right it's better if you know them then it doesn't have to be a cold approach but you know obviously what you want to do is make it so interesting that they're gonna be like wow I got it this is a cool thing for my audience right.

You gotta get that reaction out of them and of course you already know how to do that because other lectures in this course talk about that so I mean that would be a whole thing in itself I mean I just add another lecture later but on this just because it's such an important topic but essentially you know how to pitch your your unique value proposition and you got to get them excited or at least you got to come up with that and then you can use it over and over on people like meetup organizers and all kinds of other people that you approach so let's go back to our slides here so that's pretty much how you can use meetup just contact the organizer see they're interested in having your type of event and you got a contact a lot because when you approach approach people coldly like without really knowing them there typically isn't a high success rate so you have to approach many people so that you will have a couple of events that you can present on okay and of course a lot really depends on the pitch what exactly how good is it gonna be for the audience right so that's other people's events the good thing about them is that they already have an existing audience you don't need to promote it you don't need to organize that you just show up and talk right but it's hard to get on them and sometimes you just run out of events that you did right sometimes you just run out of groups to pitch and then it's a good idea to kind of talk about your own events think about what you can do for your own events right same issue happens same issue right you basically journal maybe in the audience and they might talk about you but you know your own events can also give you your own revenue and you know you can get your own immediate clients and the cool thing is that you can run them regularly right maybe every month every week depending on how successful they are and the way that I did it is when I had my own event series I ran really cool and unique events so that people in my local area started to really recognize my events because they had so much uniqueness in you know originality to them that people were like wow this really stands out right and then journalists we're happy to cover them because it's good for their audience and they knew to look at you know what I'm doing you know you kind of train them over time even to like hey you know every week or so I am doing this and they'll be more apt to check out what you're doing so that's how you do your own events and of course you know I've gotten publicity many times like secondary publicity will never represent that anything I'm doing at somebody else's event maybe there are some sometimes there are some people some journalists or bloggers or podcasters whatever in the audience and if you perk their interest enough they might write about you later so you get kind of the publicity from the event itself but also the secondary publicity from whoever sitting in the audience and usually there's a lot of people who have you know we're able to give you exposure or sitting in the audience and if you impress them enough with your presentation and they like what you're doing you can get publicity from them so events are a great place to present and also to get publicity so that's one really good idea that worked for me multiple times with multiple different businesses and it can really work for you.

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