How to get publicity for a book?

How to get publicity for a book

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: How do you get publicity for a book that you publish this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy well you have to kind of be creative for a book that you this is a self-published book I'm thinking yeah but I guess it's not published is a dirty word right it's odd it's not you know there's been a lot of great books or self-published a lot of great authors who started out being self-published John Grisham big-time best-selling author he was self-published I'm trying to think Jack Canfield did several books that were self-published who else the guy who did the one minute manager Ken Blanchard know they'll published so self-published doesn't mean anything in today's marketplace it really depends on how you're going to use that book so for example if bob was going to write a book the way to become a best-selling author is not after you write the book but before you write the book so for instance right now if you wanted to get great publicity for your book and let me ask you Alex why do you want publicity for your book what do you what's your objective sales okay perfect so I just wanted to make sure so the easiest thing that you can do is you can align yourself with other people to help promote your book and so for example I'm right now one of my clients is getting ready to do not just a book launch not even a bestseller book launch but she's going to her goal is to become a New York Times bestselling author so you can do this before the book or after the book I think before the book is better but you can still do it now it's not too late so here's the deal you contact a bunch of partners and how did you get these partners oh by the way you already interviewed them okay so if you have let's say that you had interviewed a hundred people you know over a course of a couple of months how many of them would be so grateful that they would be willing to promote your book right many of them yeah many of them let's say you know let's let's say it's twenty or thirty or whatever but so again I want to remind you that you want to interview the people that you want to do business with so for instance uh I wanted to get people to promote my books and my product so guess what I started interviewing people with big lists affiliate managers uh big companies that could help promote me so then we have a landing page for Burt's new book or in this case Alex's book and if you buy my book today I'm going to give you a ten minute radio interview on money for lunch it's a three hundred dollar value I'm going you know in plus my good friend my good friend so-and-so he's going to give you some bonuses and so if you buy if you buy my book today these ten people are going to give you free bonuses all right so they're going to give you a thousand dollars where the free bonuses if you get my book today now those ten people are those 20 people they're going to get Commission if they help sell a book of yours would you mind Alex if I if I sold a bunch of books for you would you mind giving me a commission no of course not I would welcome right so now you're going to get those ten or twenty people maybe it's thirty people whatever to promote your book not I'm sorry not to promote your book to put to promote your book launch party and so they're going to send everybody to your website that you have specially made for this book and they're using a special affiliate link that we can talk about another time but they're going to use the affiliate code and every time somebody makes a sale you're going to give them Commission and so you could literally sell a thousand or five thousand books in just a few hours I've done it times I'm uh I think I'm a three or four or five times best-selling author and so that's the way that that's called the bestseller launch formula by the way and just about everybody who's ever sold the book has used that formula to go from zero to best-selling author like that that's so smart because really so smart because you know I've literally been listening to a lot of interviews of like people who sell on Amazon and whatever and how did you do it well you know I don't know that's how they did it that's exactly how they did it but you know that part of the Seavers and say well you know what a very humble and I'm very grateful that so many people love my book and I'm you know I'm so honored to be a best-selling author meanwhile they're not going to tell you the formula because it doesn't make them look as cool I just let you know something that a lot of people don't know now tell you what here's another here's another question I have for you Alex and for everybody on today's show on today's program um would you like to have a best-selling book that makes you a guaranteed $10,000 minimum every time you write a book yes would you like me to share with you the formula for this yes please okay no back to what we've been talking about is remember how we are going to interview people and because we're interviewing these people they're going to get to like know they're going to get to know like and trust us yeah okay so let's say that over the course of three months you interviewed 30 people for on the subject of SEO so now you're going to write a book called you know the new tricks of SEO or how to ramp your business on Google in three easy steps no okay we'll go with that one sounds better so now you're going to go to those same 30 or 40 people that you interviewed and say hey would you like to write a chapter in my book what are they going to say I'm busy some of them will say okay that's right now here's the cash if you want to write a chapter in my book because it's going to be a best-seller it's going to be a best-selling book I got to pay for the advertising to get the best-selling book and if you have become a best-selling author it's going to give you a lot of credibility so I got to charge you $900 to write a chapter in my book so let's say out of those 30 only 10 people decide to write a chapter for you that's $9,000 I promised you 10 so let's say that you know whatever so what you see the formula here yeah so let me show you something this is an old copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul they did that okay now this is the original so they didn't do it in this one okay but later on when they went for Chicken Soup for the Soul for a this is for a Chicken Soup for the Soul for America the Chicken Soup for a mom sold a chicken soup for a teenager sold they got other authors to pay them money to write some of these books and they're off and running not only not only are you a best-selling author not only of those 10 or 20 people going to promote the heck out of that book because they all have a vested interest in becoming best-selling authors but they paid you for that privilege and so now you're a best-selling author you've written a book and you got paid 10 grand to do it or 5 grand to do it how much depending on how much you want to get paid maybe you do it maybe you do the first one for just three thousand dollars to charge 300 dollars a person but you're up and running and let me tell you if you did that two or three times a year it's not bad cash also it helps if the books are great lead magnets hold on a side okay so this is my latest best-selling book and so this lady Vicki the way Vicki found me I think she found because I was doing the speaking engagement and so I interviewed Joe he's a good friend of mine I interviewed Vicki uh who else is on here Oh Morgana ray I've interviewed her anyway these are a bunch of people that I've interviewed they happen to be some of my friends and I get to be on the cover of all these books right it didn't cost me a dime to be on the book I'm also on the back cover of the book she has Vicki wrote Vicki is the the person who put this together there's 45 different authors part of this book you can see it's not very thick on average she got paid $500 to get people involved with Joe and I so because Joe and I Joe and I are part of this book that's kind of the credibility clincher right and so people signed up she made something like thirty thousand dollars off of this book well very nice better than better than actually selling the book because the book you know he's hella then you get a little royalty but this is really how you do it okay that's right well this is one of the best ways to do it and the important thing is books work magic because they're like little lead generators right if you look at these people who write books after books after books again Jack Canfield Joe bite Ali you know what happens as these books I helped build SEO they helped build credibility and every day somebody is finding you for the first time because of your book yeah this is this is really good stuff I think this isn't gonna be like probably the most definitive answer ever on how to get like publicity for a book and how to do a book this is actually this is  

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