How to get a huge number of radio shows?

How to get a HUGE number of radio shows, podcast and even TV appearances

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Now I'm going to show you something that most people don't know about but it's going to be like a secret weapon for you that you can use to launch or promote anything and really yet tremendous exposure and it's actually like this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy an amazing amazing service let me explain to you what it is it's a paid service but it's one of those things that like you'll see just how incredible it is when I explain it to you so what happens is let's say you're launching a book ok what happens you need to get a lot of publicity right and usually you don't have a publicist at your disposal but guess what radio guest list has over 8,000 email address addresses or like contacts of radio show hosts you know people producers right podcasters tell even people on television right and what they can do for you is they can blast out your launch or your book or your basic expertise page to all those people and they can then this is thousands of people each of them can book you on a radio show a podcast so thousands of people can book you there right and they will even if they like you they might reach out to you and they say hey Bo be a guest on our show whatever and you can get on thousands well not thousands but probably you can get in front of thousands of people and maybe get tens or even maybe over fifty radio or podcast appearances just this way right as long as your expertise page is good as long as you the pitch that you make is good and converts but essentially they offer it in four packages and I'll scroll down so that you can see that is really affordable right you can try this for only thirty nine dollars right and so you just a newsletter ad and see basically even if you get one radio appearance from this right see what happens you get a chance to get on the pod caste you get a link from the podcast show not so in boost your SEO and you get to appear in the podcast and you know get clients get traffic boost your branding all that is that worth $39 just one interview of course right even the link alone is worth that much that you will get for SEO so essentially you would be but potentially getting tens of these or maybe twenty interviews or condos huh God knows how many and if this works for you successfully you can do this on a regular basis right like it becomes like twenty nine dollars a month so it's actually really interesting I really interesting service and if you're launching anything boom you can get so many so much publicity just from this one kind of promotion and most people don't know that it's available so you actually you can give it a try and really stand out so I'll have the link it's a little bit of a long URL I'll have the link to this in the resources section for this lecture and again the link is not an affiliate link it's just a regular link to this service I'm like I'm actually myself considering to become a buyer of the service myself so in any case I give this some thought especially if there's something you want to boost sales with or launch anything this is might be a great way and it's accessible because the other strategies like they're almost not accessible right the imagine if you had to buy a publicist the publicist is like thousands thousands of dollars a month an agency's maybe ten thousand dollars a month right it's it's not affordable for a single individual business owner but this is so this actually really cool give it a try and to take a look at the link and so you can read it for yourself and see what you get for the different levels of what you buy there's four levels of like what you can buy here but check out the link so that you can read this for yourself and really consider using this whenever you need to boost sales or anything  

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