How to do Podcast hosting?

Podcast hosting

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: Now I want to talk to you about hosting for your podcast this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy now you might be a little confused if you're new to it why do you need hosting for example if you upload things to YouTube there's no discussion of hosting right it just lives on YouTube and that's it why doesn't iTunes provide something like that well the reason for that is because they just don't and so you have to provide the hosting fourth right where these audio files will live on YouTube YouTube actually stores it in their own servers they pay for the storage space they pay for the bandwidth to get them downloaded all that stuff for podcasts there is no such option but there's also a Josh there's actually a silver lining because if you host it in one place that's independent that's not YouTube right then you can actually put your podcast on iTunes from it right iTunes can download it uploaded whatever get the feed stitcher which is another podcast place another podcast place another podcast place right so this way your one place or your file is a lot of other sites like big distributors of podcasts like iTunes likes teacher they can use it so imagine analogy would be if you had your own video storage and if YouTube took that video and downloaded it from your site then you know Hulu can take it from your site right then another video site can take it and that way one you have one upload and after you've uploaded the one video a whole bunch of other big video websites can distribute it for you right so that's the difference between a podcast get distributed and how video YouTube videos get distributed so what are your options for hosting a podcast if you have a work so you you can buy hosting space or you can try to host it on your own existing website if you have an existing website now let me give you a few pros and cons if you want to save money and let's say and and to use your existing WordPress setup you can do it you can upload your files your audio files onto your server and there's there's a plugin for WordPress you can use to enable the downloading the feed for from that audio file and then you'll be you'll be able to set up you know iTunes accounts teacher account whatever else and there will be a feed which every time you post something new and you episode the day there will be an option for you know iTunes teacher to download that app so right so the store should see in this case the difference is that on your local server these are your files which are they're not big like video files but they're not that small either they will accumulate and over time they will also necessitate you to buy more storage for your hosting that's one thing the other thing is that if your podcast becomes big and the whole point of a podcast is for you to become really big right if you just like mediocre podcast it's not great right the whole goal of podcast is like you want to reach thousands and thousands and thousands of people hopefully every day so you'll be happy in the beginning with like you know a month every month thousands of people but eventually you really want to hear thousands of people a day and that will really strain your server because guess what your server is also hosting your website it's gonna slow down your website it's gonna crash it's gonna you're gonna have to buy a much more expensive plan a hosting plan right and possibly that costs might balloon for your hosting and for and then you have like the management there's a lot of technical issues that are involved in you know hosting your own podcast you know security issues whatever like there there's a lot of issues if you don't want to deal with that there is the option of Lipson Lipson is the standard hosting it's kind of its kind of become the industry standard there are other hosting solutions for podcasts but libsyn is one of the industry standard solutions it's the best it's what many people recommend and as you can see on their home page they have the numbers to prove it you know they have 25,000 shows right so they know what they're doing whereas you you will be if you do it from your own website you will be setting up your own show the problem with Lipson is from the very beginning they charge you and plans begin at only $5 a month so you can guess that is gonna cost you more and let's take a look at some of the costs you know 50 megabytes is not bad right so the costs aren't bad as you become bigger the cost grow but hopefully by the time you get bigger your money some of your monetization strategies from the podcast make up for the cost but in general if it's you know if it does become bigger and if it's even this size but you know $75 is still under $100 a month which in business it's a somewhat negligible cost so I would recommend that you set up Lipson it's else it's also easier to get good quality statistics and analytics from your podcast in Lipson so they're gonna tell you how many downloads you're getting all that kind of things so that is going to be something that I'm gonna recommend and I'll walk you through how to use this in the past I've set up my own podcast in you know in my own WordPress and it worked okay but that podcast actually never became big so I never knew I never got to see if it's really gonna stretch my server if it's gonna be a huge if it if I do get a huge traffic on the podcast but it's just that the most people in the podcast world would recommend using loops and so that's what we're gonna be using in this course  

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