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How publicity will help your SEO and to get your site to rank in Google

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: I want to explain all the ways in which publicity boost your SEO and there are more than one but just to give you background on it what SEO means is search engine optimization this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy it basically means ranking in Google search and the way to influence Google search and make your website rank higher is to get backlinks which is basically one way links pointing from other sites to yours and to post relevant content on your topic regularly so those two things are gonna help your site rank higher the main problem is it's a very long and laborious process to build backlinks to create relevant content and I'll show you how publicity solves both of these for you really well first of all remember that reverse publicity method where by giving other people mentions they have content that promotes them and that incentivizes them to promote your website right because that article that promotes them on your site actually promotes them so they reshare guess what that does they repost it on their social media maybe on their website that builds links from all kinds of different web sites back to yours so that's a really good and smart way to get a lot of mentions remember that article with 20 different experts being interviewed well those 20 different experts are gonna be working on your behalf to build you the links next when your site or business gets mentioned on different blogs or social media or gets publicity in some online magazines guess what they all link to you it's all usually from really good sites and the links are usually strong because they're from such good and authoritative sites and those links go a long way now.

There's a couple of things I want you to make sure that you do when people do mention you they don't always hyperlink to your business to your website so you have to make sure and just double check that it's a hyperlink when they mention you and when it's hyperlinked you have to make sure that they're not those hyperlinks are not nofollow let me show you exactly what that means if you have never seen this concept nofollow links are basically links that a website owner tells Google not to pay attention to and those links don't give you the authority in Google's view so in this is my site and when I go to share screen when I view the page source I'll be able to show you exactly what I'm talking about in a few places on the site I linked to my products on Amazon and I'm going to make this a little bigger so you can see and what happens is you see this is the link it's a a tag and you see this little rel nofollow' that basically is me telling Google don't give SEO strength to this link because this link is going to Amazon but you see another link here when I'm basically linking to my own website another page on my own website I don't have that nofollow tag you see so it's only something that I manually put on pages on links that I don't want to promote extra and give extra SEO so what does that mean for you when people mention you definitely you want to make sure that it's with a hyperlink but you want to go the extra step and make sure that those links don't have those rel nofollow if they do have rel nofollow or if it's not hyperlinked then you want to reach out to the journalists or bloggers whoever made that link and ask them to please change it to a follow instead of a nofollow and to make it a hyperlink if it's not already a hyperlink and lastly what I want to bring to your attention is if you do those listicles where a lot of experts add to your article guess what you don't have to write that article you don't have to write the content because the content is written by the experts so you see how doing the reverse publicity method and getting publicity from in other ways actually builds you all the links you will ever need so your website will be extremely authoritative and it will rank highly in Google and you'll you will save a ton of money on hiring SEO freelancers and you will save a ton of money on time because you're not gonna have to write the actual content regularly will be written for you so those are the fantastic ways that publicity will also boost your SEO and clinks and all that in in the most legitimate way so that you will never have to worry about being penalized or anything like that whereas if you hire freelancers often they cut corners and their strategies will much more often penalize your site because you usually they do some spammy strategies that you might not even be aware of but they do cut corners and often that lead to penalties and this way you'll never get penalized you'll get amazing links you'll save money and time by not having to do your SEO so it's the best of all worlds  

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