Free money for your podcast Maybe

Free money for your podcast

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: How would you like to get funding for your podcast this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy too good to be true right well in a way but it's possible and there's this website it's kind of a young website but I want to tell you about it because I might solve them I'm just starting to use it myself and it's called patreon as you can see it's right here on my browser and I have an account so this is not a home screen but I want to show you I won't explain what this is this is crowdfunding for content creation you've heard of Kickstarter which is crowdfunding for startups or products or businesses right well this is for say this is like Kickstarter but for content and if you're creating a podcast all you're doing is creating content and I want to show you so I just made my account really like today so I have nothing going on in my account but on the right side here see how they have a suggested list of people for me so let me show you like this person Robin DeLoss right because you can see that little I don't know it's gonna be easy for you to see by this basically his headline says creating ken and Robin talk about stuff is basically he and his friend talk about stuff on a podcast right maybe a YouTube channel and I would go to this page and you can I mean you can play this I'm not gonna play it for you but you see he's raising like over a thousand dollars I think this is monthly I think because the way this works and it's in a way it's better than Kickstarter because Kickstarter is like they give you money once and that's it but here it's on a regular basis it's like a subscription so because you're creating content regularly so people donate to you regularly and you can see you see pledge one dollar per month but it's every month like one month one month one month so as opposed to Kickstarter where they might give you $1 and forget and here you can make thousands of percent more over a long time and you can give you know give better rewards for people if it give you more money and basically you just want to accumulate sands all the time they see William all of this Papa blah so they even have it have up to a $20.00 reward and you can see they have 387 people donating to them every month and it adds up to basically almost $1500 you know that's not like total that's per month and what's really awesome about this is that it's regular income that means that it doesn't go up and down a lot and usually if it goes it does go up and down a little bit but more up than down because they are kind of growing along with patreon right so as more people come to patreon they are growing so it well some people are unsubscribing more people I bet are subscribing and of course they get to have this money they can just pocket the money or they can reinvest it in their show all this kind of stuff so this is a great example right and of course I'll show actually it's also a small promotional tool for their podcast right because if they become big on this side people might discover them on this side and then go and listen to their podcast so it's a two-way street in the way so try patreon it's not the biggest site in the world it's not huge but there are some people like I want to show you the featured people and I want to show you that some people are making a very significant amount right some people would make just a nice amount like $500 $1,000 here but there are some people well these guys are currently featured well see this guy making over 2,000 but there are some people who are making like a really significant amount I just want to show you like let's say in video and film right like eleven thousand dollars a month can you imagine that of course it's not overnight but look at the amazing thing that's possible and this is just pure donations there there is no loss so really cool you can start out small but into your way up and hopefully this platform grows so that you can grow with it anyway give this a try and hopefully this will be a good way to for you to give some extra funding for your podcast  

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