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Example of Publicity off a unique Plumber

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: I came across this article on the home page of Yahoo which gets millions and millions of people this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy or God knows how many I don't know their statistics but it's a tremendous huge site they can drive a lot of traffic and this is an interesting article look it's a article about a plumber yeah a plumber a female plumber who is fighting sexism and doing something unique in the plumbing field it's this woman judean cassidy and she's a activist okay so if you thought maybe I was full of it like when I was saying that even if you were in a boring field if you just do something unique and add a unique element to to whatever your field is then you can get a lot of attention and this is a fantastic example because this woman isn't just on Yahoo she's in a lot of different media and all because she not overnight but eventually she kind of got enough attention in her story started going around and then now her story is all over social media and I see it a lot and so she's kind of picking up steam but just a plumber at the end of the day she's a plumber who just has a new twist to plumbing and is leading with that in her story so that's an example of exactly what we've been talking about and it's a fantastic example so I just wanted to show you  

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