Learn Online Why Startups should not ignore Testing and Quality

Testing will make you rich

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December 30, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series so once you've built your solution it's important to test everything everything that you can so why do you want to test well testing helps you increase your sales that's the bottom line and more sales means you can devote more time to your business and help more people so everybody wins so you can see what product titles what landing pages copy otherwise known as landing page description and product pitches lead to more sales so what do you test it really depends on your business but so much of it can be tested so if this applies to your business you can test which headlines draw more people in to read more about your products or you may be able to test the description of your product or service and see which one converts the highest percentage of prospects or depending on your business you might be able to test different promo videos and see which ones get the most interest from your prospects and once you get this information by testing you can make changes based on your test so you can learn which marketing efforts are converting the most prospects or you may be able to discover which headlines lead to more sales depending on your business you can find out what body copy or description of your product or service has the highest percentage rate of conversion or maybe you'll learn what sales pitches are most effective so the important thing I wanted you to take away from this video is I can't tell you what to test because there's so many different variables depending on the type of business you're in but no matter what it is it's very very important that you test and you make changes based on this test and the thing is so many people don't do this and it's really surprising because it may seem like a common-sense thing to do but it does require extra time and effort but if you test and you find out what channels are most effective for your business then you can invest more money in those channels and that could double the amount of customers that you have so there are so many opportunities and stories where testing has dramatically helped a business and it's definitely worth the time and effort to do for yours.

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