Learn from Feedback and Reiterate

Get feedback and reiterate often

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December 30, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series so now it's time to build our final solution and this is the fun part but before we get started it's really important that you've done everything we talked about in the previous videos it's important that you talk to potential customers and found out what their pains and frustrations are and then it's also very important that you've created an MVP that validated your assumption that this problem is a problem that people are willing to pay for solution and you're able to provide that solution so if you've done all this then you're ready to build your final product but let's say you skip the MVP now the problem with doing that is you might spend a lot of time and money building this great final solution and you'll realize that people aren't willing to pay for it and that's not a fun place to be at at all so make sure you've interviewed potential customers and you validated your assumptions using an MVP if you've done those two things now you're ready to build your final solution now in this video it's hard to give advice that covers all types of businesses because every business can be so unique but there are two very important points that you can use no matter what your business is and the first is to keep talking to your customers so don't stop listening to what your customers have to say if possible keep scheduling customer interviews so often people will do these customer interviews in the beginning and then they think okay now I know what my customer wants I can keep providing them value but the problem is you may know what your customers wanted at the beginning but you don't know what your customers want in future versions of your product so you want to keep that dialogue between you and the customer open and never assume that you know your customer wants and often this is a hard thing to do because we assume that okay I talked to my customer they told me they have this pain therefore they probably are suffering this too but you really can't assume anything unless you hear it directly from your customers and the next point is to release often and you don't want to wait and so your product is perfect and the reason for this is by releasing your product or service early you will get important feedback from your customers and you can implement that feedback in new releases and updates so as you can see these go hand in hand you want to release your products often and you also want to keep hearing what your customers have to say and make changes to your product or service based on the feedback that you're getting directly from your customers.

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