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Why execution is more important than your 'idea'

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December 30, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this video i'm going to talk about why execution is more important than the idea and this is a really important point because there's a lot of people that will spend weeks or maybe even months perfecting this great idea in their head and once they have this idea then they want to protect it at all cost but I want you to think about this think about every business that has a really great idea and I'll bet you that thousands of people had that same idea but only one person or one group of people actually executed on it so the truth is most people have these great ideas but how many truly execute and the number is extremely low and the problem with thinking that your idea is incredible and everyone wants to steal it is that you're not going to share it with other people and more specifically you might not even share your idea with potential customers and learn about what they want and that could be very problematic and it's kind of ironic because by protecting this great idea that you have you never let the idea actually come to life so execution is everything simply put execution is taking action and what successful entrepreneurs will tell you is in most cases their final business will not be the same as their original idea and there's two ways you can do this you can come up with an idea yourself and then validate with customers that they are experiencing that problem that your idea provides a solution for or what's often a better route to take is to come or to start with no idea and to let your customers come up with that idea for you so in this sense you don't need to come up with an idea by talking to your customers you can learn about the pains that they are already experiencing in their day to day lives and once you hear that many of your potential customers are the same pain then you can build your business around that that pain is your idea and why this is so great is because you're building a solution that's based on a pain that customers are already having it's extremely efficient and if you contrast that with the great idea myth where you spent all this time building something that you don't even know if your customers need then most likely you're wasting your time .

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