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Recurring painpoints are gold!

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December 30, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this video we're gonna talk about pain points and pain points are gold it's why I think this methodology of starting a business is so effective so pain points are things that are causing pain for your customer right now it's not something that our customer says will frustrate them in the future its what our customer has told us that they're either experiencing right now or they've experienced in the past that they would like a solution for so one example is when making this course I talked to people that didn't know a more efficient way to start a business and because of that they spent weeks or months just coming up with those ideas in their head and not taking any action on that idea and it frustrated them that was a pain point so that's how this course was born now providing a solution based on this pain point is like selling hamburgers to a starving crowd you know that your audience or your customers really wants a solution they're starving for it and that's what a pain point is it's something that your customers are starving for and that's why once you find out these pain points you want to see how many people are sharing the same pain the more people that share the pain the better because it means this is a common problem that if you create a solution for a lot of people will be interested in and that's why pain points are the foundation of your business if you can provide a solution that solves a big customer pain better than anyone else can then the revenue will naturally come that's the main goal of your business it's not to make a lot of money at the customers expense it's quite the opposite you're solving a big pain that's going to make your customer lives significantly better.

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