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Why lean principles will save you huge amounts of time & money

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December 30, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series in this course you're gonna learn an effective way to start your very own profitable business using lean principles and what's so great about these lean principles is it helps you avoid wasting time or money building a solution that people don't want or need more specifically in this course you're gonna learn how to start a business with little or no money upfront you're also gonna learn how to be confident your business will be successful before you build a product or service and lastly you will learn how to make sure your product or service continues to evolve based on what your customers want now it's important to note what you learn in this course is not the only way to start a successful business and I'm sure you've talked or heard from many successful business owners and it seems like they've all had a different journey that they've taken but what's so great about this methodology is this course is designed based on Lean principles and these Lean principles were made popular by Erich Reese's book the Lean Startup and how this course is designed is based on how you should start a business if you're using the Lean principles so right now we're in the introduction section and after the introduction we're gonna move on to customer development and that's because before we build anything we want to talk to our customers or people that may be our customers and see what problems they are already experiencing and that's because we don't want to build a solution to a problem that nobody is having and the best way to find out the problems that people are having is to interview them so here we're gonna learn how to interview our ideal customer and also if you don't have a customer in mind or a business idea you're gonna learn how to schedule interviews with people you know and extract business ideas from there and what we're looking for is pain points and a pain point is a that someone is already experiencing and that'll become the foundation for our business so once we found out a pain point that multiple people are experiencing then we want to build an MVP which moves us to the next section and MVP is a Minimum Viable Product and it's a way to test and see is the problem that we found in our customer interviews one that's big enough that people are willing to pay for a solution and we're also testing to see if we're able to provide that solution that people are looking for and that's it once we've used the MVP to test our assumption that yes we've discovered a pain point that people are willing to pay for to solve and we can solve it we move on to the next section which is building our business or building a product and here we're gonna learn how to scale up this process and solve people's problems effectively and efficiently and finally after all that we'll conclude by reviewing everything we've learned and then by giving you some final advice so let's get started.

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