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Domain Name Best Practices

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December 02, 2019

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In the age of social media it is very crucial to have a domain name which is same as your social media username for example let me assume that I am buying a domain name called Indian t-shirts right or amazing Indian t-shirt I should make sure that the username in facebook is also available so that I can create a page which is similar or same to my domain name having a diverse social media and a domain name is highly highly unrecognized so let's go to a website called name check so what is name check do name check as the name suggests checks not only you the availability of your domain name but also checks whether the social media user names are available for the same domain name so let's give it a spin amazing t-shirts do not hit com dot N or anything let's see what's available and let's hit Search we can see that dot-com is not available dotnet is not available we have dodged Co dot biz so these are all called domain name extensions so dot-com domains are a rarity meaning like there are thousands or hundred thousands of websites on the internet with com hence these extensions have been created and also they help you to be specific for example if you're creating upload platform for mobile apps right you can buy a domain name saying that amazing mobile app start mobi or you are a business right you can create amazing t-shirt start biz but yet again you can see that Facebook is not available YouTube is all available Twitter is not available and Instagram is not available if you are starting up an e-commerce store always remember that you need to make sure you get the same user names in all these four Instagram is amazing when it comes to marketing your merchandise such as t-shirts mugs or anything because it's more visual Twitter has become the de-facto customer service platform for not only American companies but a lot of Indian companies you can get faster results by tweeting to an Indian firm rather than calling them up on the call center YouTube is vital because it is the largest video platform on in the world and you'll be able to upload examples of people wearing your dresses or t-shirts or you know using your products and Facebook is the mothership that is where a lot of people from India or online and a lot of people across the world or online and Facebook is going to be the mothership so let's assume that your domain name XYZ business comm is not available don't fret let's go to name mesh com so what is name mesh so named mesh gives you iterations of your domain name for example it gives you suffixes it gives you prefixes which you can attach your domain name for example if you look at Apple com I've hundred percent sure Apple comm is not available but I can add a suffix to it saying that I Apple comm or the Apple comm or my Apple comm etc so let's give it a spin I mean zing tee-shirts again here do not enter the domain name extension and let's give it a spin now it's scanning across the internet and giving you various options and you can see that amazing t-shirts comm is not available like name check shoulders you can see some button called check who is over here so there are certain people who actually make a business out of buying domain names and reselling them for example was not bought by the creator of in fact it was held by someone else and founder paid some X amount to buy the domain name from the person and use it that's pretty much what does check who is this so if amazing t-shirts comm is actually being used then tough luck getting the domain but if someone is just holding the domain to sell it then you'd be able to negotiate and that's a complete different ballgame we'll get into it in a completely different course currently we will not be looking at check who is so amazing t-shirts calm is not available so let's come down to the SCO column over here we can see that the amazing t-shirts dot-com is available this is not so different than our domain name it does not make a significant difference you are just adding the article though to it so let's go back to name check always remember hit refresh so that the entire page gets reloaded so that we'll be able to check again and we're gonna tie up the amazing t-shirts again we can see that Facebook is not available we have the dot-com domain we have YouTube we have Twitter and Twitter is showing a yellow symbol so what is this is meaning like you are not using there is a domain name limit you of head sorry or username limit of head for example Twitter has a maximum of only 15 characters for a domain name so I think we need to drop something we need to drop something let's go back name mesh and search Indian t-shirts yup here we have again the Indian t-shirts calm is available let's come back to name hit a refresh the Indian t-shirts and we can see that we have majority of it if we have majority of it no problem Twitter we can always cut it down or do something about it but we have all three available and we have the domain name I'm available so we head over to login such as you know Google Maps also if you want to integrate some SSL certificates which we will be requiring if your once your store starts picking up a lot of traction and we will be liquid requiring a lot of host of other third-party plugins which will basically make your website better and it is a one-click host so you don't have to do a lot of stuff which other not so prominent hosts have and it's amazing so always so just go Daddy so what was the domain name again so this is Indian not this sorry here the Indian t-shirts we go ahead and we hit search domain we can see that the Indian t-shirts is just available for 99 rupees and I'm now gonna buy this domain name because I do not want to start a website called the Indian t-shirts com it's pretty simple I'm not insult your intelligence from here by how to actually buy something on the internet because you are going to be creating an e-commerce store so it's pretty simple from here on you create an account you add it to the cart and you enter all the relevant details and pretty much you're good to go there are a lot of options such as in integrate free website builder protect your privacy and everything right now we don't need any of it we are building our website so all we need is a domain name and we hit Add to Cart and we buy it so congratulations you have just bought your domain name and not only did you get your domain name you got social media names which are similar to your domain name.

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