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Worksheet: Fill this out with strategies as you go through the course

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I want to introduce you to a worksheet that I'd like you to fill out as you go through the course so that you kind of have a companion and by the end of the course you have a very strong plan for your app and various aspects of your app so let me walk you through what I have in mind for this worksheet, in the beginning, is just gonna be your app basics, for example, your one-sentence description this can be risky and candy crush or a new type of exercise app that improves workhouse something very simple that's here then your differentiation how is this different from anyone else it could be something very basic in case of a risk in candy crush app it's new the new graphic now your goals for the app do you want to just make a living a monthly income or do you wanna get sold for a million dollars everybody wants to get sold for a million dollars but a risk in candy crush app isn't going to do that so you have to have a realistic goal for it and then just list your total budget for it so that you can then allocate your budget instead of kind of randomly doing things also we're gonna get into pre-launch planning now this is how you're going to simplify your app and so that you can launch it faster and cheaper and your MVP Minimum Viable Product / the theory of Eric Ries we're going to be covering that in the course if you don't know what MVP leave that, for now, you'll get your cover you'll fill this out as we cover this strategy now your pre-launch marketing before your app is launched you need to do a lot of stuff contacting journalists you want to list the names of journalists and contact their numbers are emails contacting influencers who you want to promote your app how are you gonna do your business networking and build a list of people friends family anyone else who is going to help you promote during your launch day you got a pre-plan that and create an Excel spreadsheet for that because there should be a lot of people with contact information then build your and start working and building up your Instagram Facebook YouTube create your website all of these things and of course you need to the ASO SEO keywords if you don't know what's an SEO hold on we're gonna cover that and then before even before you launch given all the things you've just considered we have to figure out is you gonna go through with it or not it's okay if no you don't have to quit the app you just have to augment the strategy so that it makes sense for the level of difficulty of working on this versus the potential and whenever you're ready you're happy with the level of difficulty and the magnitude of the challenge of pulling this thing off versus the potential then it's a go now you're gonna have development cost and time in dollars you should definitely research that or pre-planned that so that you're ready for whatever is gonna come it's cheaper if you can develop it then you figure you know schedule your launch day week at least pick some reasonable date and then what are you gonna do what social media strategy will you do how you're gonna get publicity are you gonna get influencers are you gonna run as list all that stuff and again you don't have to list it all right now but as you're going through the course plan that at appropriate times this is your launch strategy now after your launch you have to promote so how are you gonna promote the Search Search that's ASO you how you're gonna get good reviews how you're gonna get publicity influencers to promote you what outreach will you do running ads YouTube building up your audience growth where how and anything else other you know again we're gonna have there's gonna be appropriate times to fill out any all of this at some point in the course and of course, monetization was gonna be your main secondary and tertiary monetization strategies and how much do you project per user that you'll make that way you'll know how to you know whether how many downloads downloads you'll need to get to your financial goals there's gonna be more we'll cover it throughout the course but use this as your worksheet to have all your ideas in one place to pre-plan everything and to keep everything organized.

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