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How to pitch influencers for FREE and discounted promotion

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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series now I want to give you a couple of scripts for email pitches where you can call pitch influencers to see if they would help to promote you and I'll give you two examples one if you cannot pay and one if you can pay so here's how it goes say hi put their name here very important make sure you know their name if your mass blasting you're gonna get a lower response rate so if you email them one at a time or at least take the time to know their name it's much better I'm promoting and then here you put your one sentence email pitch a new mobile app for the game a new game app or new puzzle app a new productivity app whatever something brief because they don't care that much yet and I'm looking for strong the iris I left this blank because there's Instagram influencers or YouTube influencers or something such as yourself so that they get a get to know where you want the promotion to be you can omit this entirely and you can say strong influence versus yourself that is also fine I prefer to say what influencers like Instagram influencers or podcast influencers because they'll immediately know where you want them to promote you and then you go I can't pay at the moment so you have to make that very clear because of one thing that happens is these influencers they get a lot of emails a lot of pitches daily multiple people, daily they don't read the emails they skim the emails they really gloss over the major points I think you want to be direct so you cannot pay at the moment but I can offer you these things in exchange I gave you some examples promotion on your YouTube channel maybe you can leave a review their products maybe you can link to the website or something like that or better yet you can even say I've already gone ahead and reviewed your product or I've gone ahead a link to you I've gone ahead and featured you on my youtube channel so that you can show them hey I gave you value first but you don't have to do that this is sort of like a bare standard minimum you can offer them some promotion in exchange for their promotion not being able to pay is going to result in a low conversion rate of this offering them something in return is going to improve your conversion rate but still, nothing is as good as paying you are going to get a high rejection rate of this and if not rejection to just no reply but if you can pay the email is much shorter and you got to be more direct because you've got to explain the chicken promote that you can pay to get promoted because then doors open up for you and you give the very same introduction hello and promoting whatever your one-sentence pitches and the this sentence is the same and then right away you express that you can pay and you ask for their rate now here's a strategy for you the reason you asked for their rate is so that they can maybe give you a low rate there's a chance that they're gonna underbid themselves it could be that they're humble and they give lower rates if they give high rate let's say they say a thousand dollars for something and you say well you know my budget is only fifty dollars so you reply and you say well you know my budget is only fifty dollars what can I get with that so you kind of set an artificial barrier it's almost a negotiation tactic and you say well what can they still want your $50, of course, they want your thousand dollars much more but they still want your $50 or $100 that you might offer them and there might be something they can do for you for that price or they might reduce their initial price quite a bit because they'll see well can't get a thousand dollars from them but might as well try to get a hundred so that way you can get a really good price with minimal negotiation and get the influencers to promote whatever you want to be promoted.

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