How to Sensor Tower Keyword Optimization Tool

Sensor Tower's keyword optimization tool

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this the video I want to introduce you to the keyword optimization tool in sensor towerthis tool is going to help you optimize your keyword field for the iPhone that100 character keyword field but also it's going to give you a lot of informationeven if you're on Android it's still gonna give you a lot of information aboutthe keywords so you know you navigate food here app intelligence App Storeoptimization keyword optimization and then I already pre-loaded some keywordsyou basically put them separate them by space they give you some tips like youyou know you can read them they're semi helpful and they kind of track yourcharacter count in case you're doing this for iOS you know you have the keyword the field which is 100 characters so they help you maintain the characters andaccount them for you that's helpful but really the helpful tool is the information they give you here so I entered some very very very different typesof keywords as you can see some of this business health photo design fitnessfun puzzle RPG so basically I'm trying to get a sense for different students inin this course, some students might have health apps has fitness apps gamesentertainment so I'm just trying to have a different sense for differentindustries here so let's take a look so they give us this level of traffic it'san approximation yeah so like they don't tell you exactly how much web trafficyou get but it's just an approximation so you can see like oh one is easierthen the other and then they give you also an approximation for how hard it isto rank so keywords like the photo you see it's in the sixes keywords like a workoutit's six-point five is the highest point here except the game is six point six sothose are the competitive ones and the difficulty to rank you see that datingand events and games are the difficult ones and the runner like the runnergames they're like six point nine really hard to rank and keywords like fun and a puzzle which are common for games is really hard to rank for so those are justapproximations you can also see if you scroll the number of apps out there thatyou'll be competing with so it's really hard right tens of thousands and mostniches so really really hard because if you think of there are tens of thousandsof apps just picture to understand what that number picture a hundred apps andconsider that it's really hard to compete against a hundred apps that arepretty much similar they're all trying just as hard as you at least most ofthem and that's a hundred that's an easy number to imagine now picture ten timesthat it's ten times as hard that's just 1,000 but now picture 100 times thatthat's 10,000 and in some cases, 10,000 is just a small number right almost allthese are more competitive than 10,000 right geez in this case you have like400 thousand apps almost in the word business so it's very competitive none ofthey are easy so I just wanted to give you a sense of how to use thisparticular tool and then also how these tools Center tower also mobile actionis a similar tool and they also kind of give you an approximation of howdifficult it will be to rank and what kind of traffic you can expect so theyboth of these tools kind of give you the same information and I just wanted toshow you how that would look like so you can see if that if those approximationsare actually helpful for you.

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