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How to write the mobile app description

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January 27, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I'm gonna explain to you how to write a great app description for Android and the US and at first we're going to go over a little bit tiny bit of theory and then we're gonna go into a practical example I'm gonna show you how to actually write one so there are some differences between Android and iOS the major difference is that keywords on the Android descriptions matter they boost your ranking on iOS they do not matter regardless or even on iOS you should you still use keywords because your app listings have a chance to rank in Google search as well so it's not just Android search it's not just iOS search it's also Google search so still even on the iOS listing use your keywords also when you write don't just write for placing keywords intrigue people get them to like and be curious about your app and want to download it and throughout the description you can use calls to action a good call to action of course you want to have one to download at the end you can also have a call to action to download the app towards the beginning like after the first or second line because many people don't read far past that so you want to make sure you urge them to download and if your app description is long and you can also have a call to action in the middle also in sales copywriting there's an important concept benefits not features what does that mean features are boring things nobody wants to do like create a profile upload a picture send a message nobody really wants that it's boring people want benefits benefits are the great things people are after lose weight get fit get happy have fun get entertained become more connected with friends those are things really are after so you want to outline the benefits in your description not features also somewhat controversially I'll say many people don't read the description does that mean you should have a bad description you shouldn't give a retention of course you should give it a tension of course you should write one that's a great one because some people will read it but it is important to acknowledge that most people make their downloading decisions on the first impression meaning the app icon the title the first few lines of the description not the entire description and the images you use and the video so the full description it's one of the lesser impactful influencers of downloads but still it's still really important so let's go over how to write one here is the app description for my app it doesn't matter that it's my app it can be any app I'm not trying to promote my app in any way this is just an example I know well so the first line it this is for Androids version of it the first line of it is the short description and I'm just trying to stand out and you see right away second line is invest in yourself download the app now and use it to grow your business so it's a strong call to action by the way this description is not exactly how it is in the App Store before showing it to you I improved it a little bit over what is the live version on Android so in case you wanted to compare it this is actually the better version of it so then I go into the help the app helps you in three distinct ways then I make them really clear I separate by extra space and numbers what I don't want to do is have big blocks of text because if I had it like this it looks way more daunting to read and people would probably want to skip it so it's easier on the eye even I'd avoid like three line benefits I would like short like this short and sweet is great ask questions about your business plan and get expert answers boom okay so four tools to help you create a small business plan stay on track and motivate it and stuff like that boom boom boom they get benefits and then in my case I have additional benefits here and I kind of violate my own rule just because there's way too many bullet points I would actually trim some of these bullet points like the reason I have them is I'm guilty of doing a little bit of keyword stuffing see I have like business plan in every lion business plan business plan business business business business plan writing your business plan on Android this has worked for me I don't recommend being as heavy-handed as I am I got away with it but most people you don't need to do and you see coming soon I only have this because I wanted to put the keyword intrapreneurs and small business so I'm putting a lot of different keywords on it like startups again creating a small business these are all keywords so I went very keyword heavy you don't have to go as crazy as I did and then the other thing I did is again call-to-action at the end and I have a privacy policy that I linked to on Android and I also have a tech support email this is just in case somebody's not happy or they have questions instead of giving the app a bad review they can just message me and then that helps me not get a one-star review in fact often people get great support and a potential one-star review gets turned into a five-star so that's something that I do so that's my description you can take a look at this and I'll have it available for download so you can read through it carefully and use it as an example for your app what you can also do is something I didn't do here but you can use fonts and satin sizes to make sections of your description more visually appealing for example this one would be better if it was capitalized like this and I'll get rid of that and so you can see it's clearly a headline and I will do the same thing here so you have control over where the users eyes go often the reason people don't read the description fully it's precisely because they're written in a hard to read way but here I have a lot of white space it's easy on the eyes I break down the headlines people can follow along and this actually increase increases the readership of the description and then people do make it all the way through and the more they spend time with the description the more likely they're going to download the app so again you can use these tips to make your description help your app listing become more highly converting and get more people who are just visiting your app listing two people who actually download your app

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