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Setting up your first ad

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series once you've created your Apple ad search account Apple will send you the $100 free credit that I'd promised you if that offer is still going on whenever you register for this and so you have this code once you get that code you're gonna be able to enter it at checkout and I'll show you this is the page where you create your ad you see Apple already once you identify which app once you choose which app you want to promote Apple actually pulls all the creative elements from your app listing and creates the ad for you so you don't have to do extra work for it so it makes it really easy for you and there are a few things that you have to fill out the first is the campaign group, it's basically like you can just say the first group and it just has a gathering of a few pricing information few pricing details and just other details for your other ads that you can group them so you don't have to re-enter the information and you can enter the max bid amount and what I would say is maybe like 25 cents or something like that to get a person to tap on your app what I would try to do is figure out a relatively low price point the way these things typically are supposed to work and I don't know how the search ads work because it's a different animal from let's say Google Adwords but the way it's supposed to work is it's not supposed it's not gonna rip you off like let's say if you give it like a higher it's making me choose this thing again here but if you give it a higher bid rate like if you default click rate to give it a higher rate and maybe it's actually available for cheaper it's supposed to still give you a cheap rate and this is really just asking you for the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for the any the top you see so let's say maybe there's a top available for $2 but maybe that's a little bit too expensive for you so maybe you're like I don't want to do that so this is the maximum so maybe you don't want to pay more than 25 cents to let's say and or maybe if you're fine with it maybe a dollar but that may be a little a bit too much so let's say 25 cents even 20 cents and then I want to they might happen again so it's just a test and then it stays devices you can choose devices it's important people are typically a little bit more engaged on the iPad because they there's just more room for them to do things and they're more they're able to maneuver better so if you really want to get your money's worth and you don't care about the volume then it's I pad only if you just want if you want volume then it's both and you can also choose the storefronts I mean different countries it's totally up to you campaign name like let's say you have the first campaign and then your daily budget is going to be your total budget is gonna be $100 because that's what you got for free and your daily cap let's say is maybe $5 because you just want to experiment slowly and see how it works for you after that you can actually just start your campaign there are though a few options that you have you can get keywords and it gets a few keywords for you as you can see you can add keywords if you're fine with it you're fine with it now there's also a field for negative keywords and it's right here you see AB group negative keywords for is something if there's something like you may be like my app is a business plan app so if it's a business plan for a liquor store maybe those are not the customers I want so maybe then I like liquor store so then I would take them out but essentially your ad is actually ready to go and all you do is your start campaign and you're ready.

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