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How to make your app strong and competitive in app store search results

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I want to talk about what to do after you've done your keyword research of course after you done your keyword research you have to place those keywords in the title description and the keyword field if your app is an iPhone app and you'll and I'll talk about that later in the course now I want to just tell you about how the app stores decide which app should be first which app to be 100 and they collect data or where I call signals about your app and the signals that they cook the data they collect are the numbers of reviews the quality of the reviews that the numbers of sessions that people have the number of downloads these are all quality signals and then they also gauge how often people are opening your app are that when they're opening your app are the session lengths shorter or longer than your competitors are people keeping the app or are they uninstalling the app and these are metrics that aren't in a vacuum, they compare that to all the competitors in your keyword searches and they are able to determine hey for a certain church this app gets like really good engagement so we should rank it higher and also there is just a little bit of help they give you because some apps have been in the app stores maybe like eight years and you have millions of downloads how to do you beat them, of course, is difficult but there's a recency factor and typically these algorithms measure the three last few months of the of recent events and they have they considered them very heavily so even if you don't have the millions of downloads that other apps collected over the years you can collect maybe as long as in the last three months you are doing better than them you will start jumping over your competitors and keep in mind, of course, some of the after some of the data, they collect our averages like average session length you don't have to have been an app store for years to have a good average session length all you have to do is have a good usable app so notice that a lot of these they're not external they're actually internal in how your app is made so keep that in mind and later in the course, we'll go through each of these bullet points and I'll explain how to get the maximum advantage from each one so that they can use them to rank highly in the app stores.

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