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App localization: Get hundreds of percent more downloads

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie aspart of our academy series in this video I'm gonnagive you a strategy that can raise your downloads by hundreds of percent andthat strategy is to translate your app title and description into other popularlanguages like Spanish French German Arabic Chinese and other Hindi and pipeother popular languages now the only caveat I'll give you is that if youractual app, not the description actual app has its very text-heavy and peopledon't people search in in Spanish but your app is only in English they're gonnagive you bad reviews so in this case, do not translate it but if your app is nottext-heavy then you can translate your app to different languages and here'swhat happens if somebody searches hello in Spanish hola and your app issupposed to rank for the word hello they'll never find you until you translateyour app into Spanish and other languages so this is the way I'm gonna give youa few ways to translate your app the first one is obviously Google Translate isfree the problem with Google Translate is that it doesn't always translateperfectly there are a couple of other options there is, of course, the fiberfreelancing where you can get five dollars for five dollars somebody willtranslate your job description and app title and they'll do professionally andthere's also these services like Tetris which will do translations for aslittle as 12 cents a word which actually is not that little if you have a longreview so these are your options for translations and immediately withtranslated app titles and descriptions you can get more downloads from the appstores.

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