SEO for Apps: How to Improve Visibility in Mobile Web Search

SEO for your app URL in Google search

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie aspart of our Academy series in this video I want toshow you the importance of ranking your actual App Store URL here's what I meanby that so of course, my app is the business plan tab so if I search forbusiness plan app in here take a look at what happens, of course, this is an adthis is an ad so these are all these aren't worththe natural search results start and take a look at this right here this is theAndroid URL for my app in the App Store you see that so the apps store URLactually ranks in Google search the same thing this is my iPhone app and sothis works as this ranks as well you see so I've got two listings in the top 10of Google even if I you know search different search terms sometimes my appscome up and a portion of your users your searchers surprisingly enough theySearch Google for like best business plan apps or something and then you knowmy app comes up so searches like that you can write in Google search and getextra downloads because these people are not searching the app store they'researching google searching how do you get downloads well the way you can rankhigher here is, of course, the keywords are important but you're already gonnause the keywords so you're fine there the next thing you want to do is buildbacklinks to this app URL and this is not hard thing to do because you canstart with your own blog and consistently mention your apps and link to yourapps from your blog whatever guest post you might be writing and sharing thatsharing this URL on social media and just giving it some activity and of courseGoogle picks up on the large numbers here so a lot of votes a lot of bigratings this also helps although it doesn't it's not a prerequisite becauseeven when the APA's was very young I was still ranking in this search so youdon't have to think like all the app has to be both apps with a lot of reviewsnot quite so just keep in mind these little strategies and you'll actually beable to sneak into a lot of search results just from Google and get downloadsthis new way.

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