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Examining a mobile app as a business

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy pie as part of our Academy Series. Now, I know apps are fun, and I know you get excited about them but I just for one video I like to spend that for second and gets with you as app business is not easy in this industry anymore, its a metrical industry frankly speaking and challenging because its a quite saturated, there are real challenges and that's when I really want to create your first app icon. now the first challenge multiple come across is app creation, if you are not a developer challenges are hiring developers is expensive and a lot of time you feel like that launching an app this would be great but launching the app is just day one really because you gotta update the app and make it better, all technology gets better with improvement including your app and if you have to update every screen every feature always fix things, it would be very expensive okay think long term about that how to minimize the cost. if you are programming the app, it's good for you, you got an advantage but it's actually really hard to program a good app it's not just to program any all app its actually you have to get a good level of programming, so app creation is serious challenge because if you can make it has to be competitive quality programming are always going up. Now once you got your app next challenge becomes getting down free, you need significance no. of downloads. million and many millions are what in for successful apps and next-level marketing challenge.  

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