How to Get More App Downloads With Your Email Signature

How to get more app downloads with your email signature

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December 19, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series I want to show you really quickly how to increase your sales or at least increase the traffic to whatever you are promoting or increase your online reputation by basically having an email introduction kind of a sorry email signature right so I'm going to show you how to set it up in Gmail in all the other ones it's pretty similar and so what you do is basically when you send an email as you compose and a signature will appear you know and you can do it so in Gmail it's like this you go to this little Settings tab you click it and you go to settings you choose settings and you scroll down down down down down and right here you'll have a signature area and you'll say yes you want a signature and I have some things that I'm ready to copy and paste you can have your product page you know your maybe if you wrote a book your link to your book if you have an e-commerce website link to your e-commerce site anything like that you know you can have a link to your website I would recommend having Twitter because it's the easiest thing for people to engage in I will recommend having the LinkedIn only after and same with Twitter only after it makes you look good right you like you want to point to it in two places where people were like wow this person is legitimate you know and of course if you sell something definitely it's a good idea to point people to that because obviously that can get them interested and increase your sales and that just one thing that anyone can do to start you know generating more traffic today right as soon as you do this the next email you send out you have a chance for a person to go and click on your whatever it is that you want them to click on whatever is more valuable for you so give this a try add an email signature to your email and just immediately increase traffic.

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