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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series if you have a game I have a very nifty strategy for you can post gameplay videos on YouTube ranked them for cool keywords and either uses the videos that tutorials in your app like extra tutorials for doing cool things to get people moving along in your apps and this will boost your engagement this will boost your retention because people are gonna be making more progress in your app and it may be less confusing but also it's gonna help you rank in YouTube for certain keywords that are relevant for your app and then you can use the search than the organic search that's going to come from that ranking - then follow people from YouTube to your app so if you can position your channel at the gameplay channel then you're going to be able to get people to your - to go get your app after watching your gameplay videos by justice serendipitously discovering them on YouTube and especially long term if you can start getting your players to post videos and encouraging them then that's even better but that's long a term in the short term you can manipulate it by making your own videos getting them to rank and then also having a call to action in the video to get your app and even better some of the videos you can embed as I mentioned in your app and the extra views from inside the app will actually make the video more popular on YouTube and help it rank so it's like kind of like a vice versa kind of like what one wants one hand washes the other kind of a strategy that you can do for games up if your app is a game.

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