App Store Promotion Case Study

App ASO and promotion case study with a fun sexy party game

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series I want to begin doing case studies or some of the app marketing from students of this course and I want to start with this app it's a really cool unique app of sexy slang it's a fun party game basically this app is a game that it's kind of a game that you play at a party and it has like a sexual adult innuendo it's fun and its humorous it's kind of like charades and what I saw here is a really good job of ASO I mean look at the title it's beautiful like sexy if every word in the title is a big keyword in the app stores right sexy slang fun party game you can get a lot of downloads from any of these keywords so that's great and it's basically and it reads really well right it reads like a fun app like like in English as it makes English sense it's not just SEO keywords and what was really good here is that there's a long description and in the description, there's an another variation of a lot of keywords so this is I would say this is like a B+ or an a-level description what would make it a total a plus for me is if there was an even bigger variations more different kinds of keywords and and and be very and to be very careful to have the right keyword density, for example, the main keyword should be a before between four and eight percent keyword density and secondary keywords which would be between 1 and 3 percent keyword density and you can get that there's a there are all kinds of keyword density tools online they're free and you can just basically run your app through it and they will tell you what keywords you're repeating how much and so you can adjust it a little bit and calibrate but this is already great I just want to see it you know like just to be nitpicky I'd like to see maybe more variation of keywords like maybe the word adult, maybe you know stuff like that it's a lot there's a lot of that so it's hard to pick it from you know kind of just I was out of my head because there's caption is a little Wong but just I thought when I was reading it. I thought there could be a little bit more keyword variation in so sometimes appear more for long-tail searches but this is great I think where I would make suggestions for this app is definitely need to press when the reviews from now on everybody you meet anybody online as them for a review and then, of course, make the app ask people for a review now a few pointers on how the app works I've liked this app to be not just in case of partying I like this app to be closer to words with friends in a sense that you can play this with anybody at any time write play with your best friends and that way it's more you will get far more engagement in the app and the engagement metric as you know is very important in your ranking and also the more people are engaged the more they're likely to you know buy your in-app purchases and they're more likely to you know share and leave nice reviews and so then when people use it more if your app has a pop-up like hey if you like in the app please read leave a review then of course you can you know you'll get more reviews that way and that way you'll totally you'll solve the review problem by outside the app you'll basically ask your friends you know and every day you'll meet somebody new and you may be in a conversation as that downloaded leave a review and then, of course, the app should be asking users to leave a review and now a couple of pointers on this app because it's so unique and interesting there is a couple of big opportunities here like maybe something viral on YouTube having showing people playing this game and making some really ridiculous super funny slang in party sayings and sexual things right those sorts of things have a tendency to get shared and then from the sharing people can get to know hey this is from this app and they can download this app so a little bit of virality can give you maybe like a popular youtube channel which can really give a boost to the downloads and also you can think to consider share up promoting this app in different adult or party kind of your humor communities online I think people would like that sort of thing there people tend to like apps because apps are kind of fire is still the hot new thing and also I would explore contacting some you know either posting on Reddit or contacting some popular editors who you know have like a little bit of cred in that community because they have a really big x-rated community and they might like that app and this app man gets shared a lot there so I think you have a lot of opportunity for virality and social social media here to get the downloads because of you because this app is so unique and funny and humorous and definitely try to get the word with war tooth friends elements where one person invites many that's also how you will solve the download issue and how you will out-compete your competitors on the downloads because your users will be generating extra downloads for you so that's my take on this app.

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