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Vastu in the home app case study

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series this is going to be another example of an app of a student of this course and we're going to do a case study and see how to promote this app this the app is something that I know personally honestly I know very little about its vast - which is some kind of a yoga thing helps you get with the laws of nature it's the best that I understand it from what I see it's actually the keywords are done really well you can see that you got the last two keywords you got the Harmony the keyword you got the laws of nature key word I think the laws of nature is not a big huge keyword in the app store and harmony you know you're never gonna be ahead of harmony so I'm not sure mm-hmm but you got some of the makings all the keywords um the description was written well you know it's long and it has you know it's repeating the vast - all that stuff I like that the thing I wanted to talk about here is the man United cent price point it's one it's the first, it's the first case study that where we have that was a paid app and here I wouldn't you know reiterate stuff that I said in the course that when you have paid apps essentially almost everyone who would have downloaded your app does not end up downloading your app because they'd only pay this even though it's essentially free but there's some real friction where if there's a paid the app you know people suddenly don't buy it and the $0.99 price point - basically you're telling the person hey this app is free this app is not worth more and so it's kind of like and you don't even get the full $0.99 you get like 70 cents which is nothing so there's gotta be a middle ground the middle ground here is maybe make this a product what if you make it like you know if the app is really not good enough to be like $4.99 maybe forget it maybe set it to free and put some ads on it or something I don't know or maybe not ads but fine summarization strategy inside the app but it's an app if you feel that the app is good enough I would make it a more expensive app and then start promoting it everywhere where people are talking about vast - anything you know like Facebook groups Cora calm any kind of community make a youtube video Mia maybe not even just a video maybe a whole channel maybe a podcast everything around Vastu and basically you become like the vast guy or girl and everybody know wherever people see you they're like oh that's the last two you can even say hey you know if it was me I would be like my name is Alex I'll be like I'm Alex the vast you guy right it's literally in your name so you kind of brand yourself that way and then wherever people you know every people will come across of you and then will buy this app in the App Store and so then if you price it at like $4.99 at least for every sale you get a little bit of revenue door with the $0.99 price point, I don't know there's a lot of meat on that bone but I guess you just you will get more sales at the 99 price point than $4.99 so it I can see how that works but I just don't love the 99 cent price point really because it is hard to get an app sale and so that that would be my strategy you gotta promote outside of the app store and I would look I also, add keyboard variations I would look you know other another keyword you know if you look at the Google Keyword tool even the Google Keyword tool you see it has very little if I searched for the word vast and it has very little searchers even here and little variations master in the home and then you would go to you know things like that here it's all for the house home where I use the variation house home but you got no it doesn't offer a lot to work with so I will look to promote this app as a higher paid app outside of the App Store.

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