Agoraphobia App

Agoraphobia app

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series I wanted to do another case study of an app that is made by student of this course and this is an interesting app it's about agoraphobia which is the fear of going outside as far as I understand it the problem with this niche is that is a problem and a good thing all the same time the problem is that there's not that many people searching for this right but I guess the only people searching are precisely the people who are who have this problem so the main keyword of course in the title description has to be agoraphobia if you're stepping outside you're going out all these kinds of things but I feel like it's not going to be enough to make a business out of that one term because of you know the volume isn't huge so what I would also do is look in this the case of this app I would also look at a way to do two things to make this app really be you know the app for everyone with agoraphobia I think what you have to do is number one join all the existing online communities that have that to talk about this issue and you have to create your own online communities to talk about this issue your own Facebook group your own YouTube channel your own podcast and so you have to make yourself and this app sort of really really stand out and be the go-to source for everything related to our work obeah I think that's the way for this app to win and become the dominant brand in the entire agoraphobia community that everybody knows and everybody has this app.

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