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Pricing coaching programs

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August 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about how to price coaching programs this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and this is going to contain many aspects of the pricing concepts that we talked about before like should you tell how much it costs should you negotiate is it a you know it's it's a they tend to be relatively expensive programs so how do you negotiate how do you decide on the price do you give different people different price all these issues come into play so let's get right to it as we discussed earlier with other things when you're starting out if you don't have a lot of experience don't have a lot of clients keep your prices low keep your coaching accessible most important it's to get the clients so that you can get experience coaching and get the experience seeing them going from A to Z in your program and maybe getting their testimonials maybe using them as a case study to sell to a new potential customers so in the beginning money almost doesn't matter experience matters in just growing matters as you gain authority and respect in your industry more people will come to you for coaching will be easier to sell high ticket programs and that's really when you sell that's really where you make the money with coaching is the high ticket programs and while you're early nobody well not nobody but fewer people will buy your high ticket programs because you don't have the authority needed to sell that but as you gain the authority you can begin to sell that and you can sell full programs and the full programs they're like monthly like three months program or you achieve some were the people you coach achieve something and then you don't price by the hours you spend with people you price by value and in the value you keep you add things to your program like your preparation and the hours and extra materials that get and maybe a supplemental things like book in the course that they can take on their time and assignments so there's a lot of extra things you can throw in there to make the perceived value of the program look very high-end and professional and you can charge higher rates so a three-month program depending on your experience here I give the example of one to five thousand which is actually really big range but the thing is that it just depends on your authority if people are buying you know if people don't see the authority they won't overspend but if you can make it appear as though you were more authoritative show your experience and help them help your previous clients more have those case studies people will start being ok with paying a more lucrative prices and you don't have to cap it at 5k this scales the price scales as you as an entity in your industry scale so that's essential to it as you see the coaching you're really getting paid for your authority in the space because an authority comes from what have you accomplished in space because people will buy your coaching if you've accomplished something that they want to accomplish and the better you've accomplished something the more you they'll be able to pay you for your programs so there are websites where you can get hired for hourly coaching for example even on you can offer your services hourly you can quit there's a site called clarity FM which you can sell your services hourly it's coaching through the phone but really the money in coaching is in these large programs because all you need is a one two three four clients and you've got your monthly income and you're good to go.

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