Welcome & how the course is structured and how to take it

Welcome & how the course is structured and how to take it

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July 30, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Make money with affiliate marketing


Everybody wants to have more money, but hardly anyone is willing to do what it takes to get it. The reason for this is that most people are not willing to change the way they live. They want to keep their current life style while getting rich. That's simply not possible! You must be willing to change the way you live in order to get rich. This is why most people fail at making money.

The good news is that there is a way around this problem. It's called the internet and e-commerce. Internet and e-commerce can help you make money without changing your lifestyle. This is because you can make money from home and at night, when you already sleep. And this is exactly what we will talk about in this course: how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Briefly, affiliate marketing means you make money by selling other peoples products or services. You do not sell your own products or services, but you instead promote somebody else's products or services and get paid when somebody buys something through your link. For example, Amazon is one of the biggest affiliate programs in the world. Amazon has millions of products and if you link to Amazon and Amazon makes a sale, Amazon will pay you a commission for that sale. Amazon in turn pays every person who has linked to Amazon in some way. But Amazon does not even know who all these people are, Amazon only pays the people who they know about. Amazon knows about you if you have linked to Amazon in some way. Either through your blog, website, social media profile or whatever. Your link is invisible to everyone else on the internet, but Amazon knows you exist and they will pay you your commission if they make a sale that comes from your link. So you can earn money from Amazon by simply linking to them and NOT selling any product yourself. It's a very powerful business model and great for people who don't want to sell anything themselves.

How much can you make with affiliate marketing? The sky is the limit, really! A lot of people make a full time income from affiliate marketing, but it's also possible to just make a few hundred dollars a month on the side, which is still a lot of money! As long as you work hard and put in some effort, your income potential is unlimited. You just need to start taking action and implementing the strategies that we will teach you in this course!

II: Body

A: Welcome & how the course is structured and how to take it

So welcome to Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing! I am your teacher Nick, and I have been doing affiliate marketing for over 10 years now. In this course I will show you how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business step-by-step using proven methods that have worked for me over the years.

First thing first though. Before we dive into the course itself where I will teach you how to build an affiliate marketing business, I want to tell you a little bit about myself so that you know that I'm legit and I know what I'm talking about! Later on in this course I will also give you my personal story so that you know I'm not just trying to rip you off! So here are some facts about me:

I'm Swedish born, but have spent most of my adult life living abroad in various countries all over the world. Adventure racing has been my biggest hobby for the past 12 years now. My best results are 1st place in two World Championship races (Mexico 2008 & Brazil 2009). I have participated in five adventure races around the world, including The Transgrancanaria (Spain 2013), The Raid Gauloises (Belgium 2005) and The North Face Endurance Challenge (USA 2011).

There are many reasons why I love adventure racing so much, but I think the main reason is because it challenges me physically and mentally like no other sport out there can do. It's also extremely fun to travel around the world with friends and compete against each other!

My first ever sponsor was an online casino called Casino Guide back in 2004. My friend Steffan promoted them on his website and they contacted me after reading my review of their casino. They offered me $50 per month if I placed an ad for them on my site. I agreed since I needed money anyway so I could buy new equipment for adventure racing! The first year went well so they offered me $100 per month for the second year! This continued on year after year so today I earn thousands of dollars per month from this old sponsor alone!

This was my first ever business venture online and it's still paying me monthly today! Not bad for something that started 10 years ago!

My first real job was teaching English as a foreign language (EFL). I worked for several years during my youth as an EFL teacher at schools in Sweden, Spain and Thailand . Since then I've kept on working as an EFL teacher every summer when I'm back home in Sweden between adventure races around the world.

Today I still work part time as an EFL teacher at schools in Sweden during the summers when I'm back home between adventures races around the world!

When I was 20 years old I started my own web design company with a friend of mine. We were going to charge clients $300-$400 per month for web design work, but unfortunately we never got a single customer so we quickly gave up on our business idea!

I have never worked a "real" job before outside adventure racing since I have been earning my living from adventure racing throughout my entire adult life!

I have been competing in adventure races for 12 years now. In those 12 years I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't work when it comes to training for adventure racing as well as race preparation. In fact I have written several books about adventure racing including "Adventure Racing For Beginners", "Adventure Racing Training Plans" and "Adventure Racing Nutrition". These books have helped thousands of adventure racers across the globe reach their goals, both short term and long term!

My adventure racing books have been very popular among adventure racers all over the world since they cover topics that nobody else covers! Adventure racing is a very big niche sport internationally with hundreds of thousands of participants every year! Most of these athletes need guidance when it comes to training properly for their next race or even day to day issues such as nutrition!

My books have made me so popular among adventure racers that several times during my career I've been approached by big brands asking me if they can sponsor me or send me some free shoes so that I'll endorse their product and write about them on my website or Facebook page!

Because of this popularity among adventure racers these companies don't just offer me free stuff, they also offer me money to endorse their product or service! Some of these companies include:

Clif Bar (energy bars) – $5000/year

Vasque (shoes) – $2000/year

HyperIce (Cold Therapy) – $1000/year

Body Glide (chafing prevention) – $1000/year

3T (bike handlebars) – $1000/year

PowerBar (energy bars) – $500/year

Mountain Fuel (Energy Drink) – $500/year

Up until 2014 I never accepted any sponsorships from these companies because of my strict moral code. However during 2014 things changed for me and I decided that instead of accepting money directly from these companies, I would accept free product instead such as shoes, energy bars etc! This way it feels more like an honest endorsement instead of advertising since I don't get paid directly by these companies!

Today when I go on race trips with different teams representing sponsors such as Clif Bar, Vasque or HyperIce it usually ends up being worth around $1000-$5000 per trip depending on how well we perform in the race since these companies also pay bonuses based on our performance! Sometimes when I go on trips for sponsors like PowerBar or Mountain Fuel it even ends up being worth over $10 000 per trip, which is great especially considering that most adventure races cost around $1000 in airfare alone! Plus adventure racing is very expensive when it comes to gear since you need lots of specialized equipment not found anywhere else besides adventure racing stores!

My adventure racing sponsorships are one of my main sources of income today! So far these sponsorships have earned me over half a million dollars in total over the past 6 years! This includes both sponsorship fees plus bonuses based on our performance in competitions such as placing well in

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