Starting with ad groups

Starting with ad groups

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July 30, 2020

I: Introduction

A. Make money with affiliate marketing:

Probably you have never heard about affiliate marketing and it sounds like a new and dangerous business (and sometimes it is). But it is also the easiest way to make money online. You don’t need any skills or special knowledge, just time and internet connection.

You already know that some sites make money by selling products and some make money by selling traffic. The second way is called affiliate marketing (you can also say CPA = Cost Per Action).

Affiliate marketing means that you will earn money for every click or every purchase of your subscribers. It is really easy to get started and it doesn’t require any knowledge about SEO, HTML, WordPress or anything else.

The only thing you need to do is to create a website with affiliate links to products you are interested in or to offers you want to promote.

II: Body

A. Starting with ad groups

It is very important to start with a profitable niche, which produces sales even without any promotion at all. The best way to find out the right niche is to use the Google Keyword Tool. If you are not familiar with this tool, then it is good that you read this article first.

Open the tool and enter the keyword you are interested in, for example “make money online”. Then click on “ad group ideas” and choose the words with the most search volume. For example, if it shows “make money online forum” you can quickly see that it is a very popular keyword, but if few people are searching for “make money online forum”, then this is not a suitable niche for your affiliate site. On the other hand, if you see that many people are looking for “make money online forum” then this is a good opportunity for you.

After choosing your niche, you should do some research about it, looking for products that can be easily sold. For example, if you are interested in “make money online forum”, then it is relevant to look for products related to money making (like “make money online”, “make money from home” etc.) or any products that can be sold to people looking for ways to make money (like books about entrepreneurship or self-development etc.). These kinds of products are more likely to be bought by your visitors.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the price of your product. If your product costs less than $10-$20, then you will earn more because people will buy multiple products instead of one expensive product. This is especially important because usually people who spend less than $20 don’t bother too much about the credibility of your site. On the other hand, if you want to promote an expensive product, then firstly try to find other similar products first. If they are selling well then you can raise your price and promote them as well because people usually don’t mind paying extra if they get really good value.

B. First steps

If you don’t have any experience with affiliate marketing then I really recommend that you read this article about how to start an affiliate site from scratch because it contains lots of useful info about how to start your affiliate site. Even if you have experience with affiliate marketing it is still worth reading that article from beginning to end because I am telling my own experience there and I am telling what mistakes I made and what I learned from them.

C. Creating a website

Creating a website with affiliate links is very easy and quick. You can create a website with WordPress without any programming skills – just install the theme and start adding content. While creating a website pay attention to SEO – don’t forget about keywords and use appropriate tags for articles as well as titles with keywords in them. Articles should be longer than 300 words because it looks better with Google but also because people read longer articles instead of short ones. So try to write as long as possible! Also, don’t forget about internal linking – link your different articles together so they will look more natural and interesting for readers. Also think about external linking – link your articles to others so they will be more credible and trusted by Google and readers as well as more interesting for readers with diverse content. Another thing you should pay attention to is building backlinks – it is very important step in SEO and it will help your ranking on Google (and it will also help you get more traffic). You can do that using free services like Backlink Builder Pro or use some premium service like yoast SEO plugin (which is one of the best SEO plugins on WordPress). That plugin also gives you data about how many backlinks you have and whether they are dofollow (dofollow means that they pass PageRank). You can check this info in free version of the plugin – if the percentage is low (below 50%) then use premium version of the plugin and delete those links which are nofollowed.

D. Content creation

Content creation is an important part of SEO as well as marketing of your site. When creating content focus on writing as long as possible – try to write articles between 500-1000 words long (the longer your article is the more likely it will be ranked higher on Google). Also pay attention on external linking – link your articles with others so they will be more credible and diverse as well as more interesting for readers. Readers will stay on your site longer if they find interesting information on your site so keep your site fresh and interesting with new posts every day! They will also share content more often on social networks if they find something interesting on your site! Don’t forget about internal linking because it makes your site look more attractive to readers and Google! Another important thing when creating content is adding images – it helps in convincing visitors to buy your product because pictures are more convincing than plain text! Keep in mind that quality pictures are very important when making content! Finally, when creating content always optimize your articles so they will be more relevant for users! The best way to optimize your articles is using Yoast SEO plugin which gives you valuable information about optimization of your articles so you know whether there are any mistakes in them!

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