In-Stream or Discovery ads

In-Stream or Discovery ads

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July 30, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is usually done by bloggers, but it can be done by anyone. People come to your site and you get paid when they purchase through your links. There are just a few things you need to know about affiliate marketing. The first thing is that you do not need traffic to make money. I have never had any traffic on my site and I still made $1,000 in one month. Affiliate marketing is about selling products. It does not matter if people come to your site or not. If you sell product, you get paid. It’s that simple.

There are two ways to make money with affiliate marketing. The first is called an in-stream ad. This is where the ad appears right next to the blog post. The second is called a discovery ad. This is where the ad appears in the sidebar of the blog.

II: Body

A: In-stream ads

There are two ways to make money with in-stream ads. One way is to sign up for Google AdSense. This will allow you to put Google ads on your blog. You get paid when someone clicks on the ad. The other way is to sign up for an affiliate program.

An affiliate program is where you choose a product you want to promote and then you put your link into that product. When someone clicks on your link and then buys that product, you get a commission.

I recommend AdSense for most people because it’s easy to set up and you can start making money right away without having to promote anything. However, if you want to sell products, you need to sign up for an affiliate program.

Here are some examples of the best affiliate programs I know about:

Amazon Associates – Amazon sells almost everything imaginable so this makes sense for almost everyone.

eBay Partner Network – eBay is also very popular so this makes sense for almost everyone as well.

Clickbank – Clickbank has more than 20,000 products so there’s something for everybody here too.

JVZoo – JVZoo has tons of products as well and it’s fairly new so you stand out from the crowd if you promote this one.

Wishlistr – Wishlistr gives you a link that people can use to put items on their wish list at Amazon and then you get a commission whenever someone buys through your link. This one works great if you have a lot of content related to a particular niche and your followers want to buy those products. Also, the person who installs the Wishlistr link gets a commission as well so it’s a win-win situation all around!

Digital Product Download – This is another good one for generating commissions from digital goods such as eBooks, software, membership sites and lots of other stuff as well. Plus, this one pays on the first day of every month which is really nice since most of them take longer than that to pay!

Commission Junction – CJ takes care of all the advertising and affiliate programs for you and makes sure you get paid each month, which is great! They have tens of thousands of different products for you to promote so they have something for everyone as well. Plus, even if you have no experience with affiliate marketing, they have a program that shows you how it works so it’s very easy! My favorite feature of CJ is that they have a shopping cart builder so you can build your own store! This means that if someone buys enough products from you, they will be happy because they have everything they need AND they got a good deal AND they didn’t have to pay extra shipping costs or wait for their package! This is a great way to increase your sales and stick out from the crowd!

B: Discovery ads

For discovery ads, I think the best affiliate programs are:

ShareASale – ShareASale has many, many different affiliate programs so there’s plenty of variety here as well as sites like CJ where there are tens of thousands of affiliate programs as well as something specific if you want it! ShareASale also has a shopping cart builder system where you can sell individual items within a particular theme or niche! Perfect for selling physical products! And unlike CJ, ShareASale pays on the first day of each month as well!

Amazon Associates – Like I said above, Amazon has just about everything so this makes sense for everybody! You don’t even need traffic on your site because if someone wants something that Amazon sells, you just send them over there! Boom! Easy money! And if they don’t buy through your link, you still get credit for sending people to Amazon so this is a win-win situation all around!

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