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How To Set Up The Yoast Plugin

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July 30, 2020

I: Introduction

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new form of marketing that allows people to make money on the internet without ever having to create their own product. It’s an amazing way to make money because you can use someone else’s product, and still get paid for it.

II: Body

1. How to set up the yoast plugin for seo

Yoast is one of the most popular plugins for seo. By installing the plugin, you are able to easily optimize your website so that it can rank higher in google. The best part is it’s free! Follow the following steps to install the plugin.

Step 1: Go to the WordPress Installing section and go to “Plugins> Add New”. If you don’t see this option, click on manage and then plugins.

Step 2: Search for “Yoast SEO” and press install now. This will download and install the plugin

Step 3: Once installed, search for Yoast-SEO and click on “Settings”. This will take you to the settings for this particular plugin.

To optimize your site, Yoast has four steps: select category, select your focus keyword, write meta description and write meta keywords. I would recommend using the same keywords for all three sections because it helps google understand what your page is about. On this image you can see what my website shows when I search the keyword “make money with affiliate marketing”.

2. How to create an email list

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and close sales at the same time. You can also use email marketing as a lead generation tool by collecting emails and sending out a newsletter every week.

You can collect emails by placing a subscribe button at the end of each blog post or collecting email addresses during checkout process on your website. To collect email addresses during checkout process, simply go to WooCommerce> Orders> Settings> Checkout step 3> Add subscription checkbox. You can place this check box under all three payment types. That way you don’t have to worry about collecting email during every order.

III: Conclusion

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money because you don’t have to create any products, but instead just promote other people’s products and get a commission for each sale you make.

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