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Headline exercise

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July 30, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online business model that gives you the opportunity to make money by promoting other people`s products. This is a great way of making money, but only if you are good at it.

Affiliate marketing is not some kind of business or job that you can start overnight. If you succeed with Affiliate marketing you will have to work hard for it. But on the other hand you will also be at liberty to work on your own schedule and still make money.

So why should you try affiliate marketing?

1. You can make money doing what you already do online, writing articles on forums, social media, writing comments on blogs, etc.

2. You are your own boss, no need to report to anybody.

3. If you are any good at it, you can earn a lot of money.

4. It is very simple to get started. You can start today with just one click!

5. It doesn`t require any special knowledge or training.

6. It enables you to build up a residual income for life!

II: Body

A: Headline exercise

Before you actually start writing you have to find a topic for your article. Have a look around the internet if there are any topics in particular that interest you and in which you feel like you could write something useful and helpful for your audience. Write down 10 different topics and in each case five headlines for your article. Keep in mind that the headline is the most important part of any article because this will determine if someone will click on it or not. So take your time and come up with good headlines for each of your 10 topics. Don`t worry about choosing just one topic right now. We will come back to that when we cover the pre-writing phase. When you have found five headlines for each topic then choose the two or three that seem best and start writing them down in bullet points in a word document like we did with our article about Affiliate Marketing earlier (see below).

B: Why affiliate marketing?

You know that lots of people make money with affiliate marketing, but why is this business model so good? Cheap and effective advertising platforms like Google Adsense and Amazon adsense, easy access to huge databases like Amazon, PayPal and eBay and the fact that people trust the word of their friends and family over anything else makes affiliate marketing one of the most popular ways to make money online. There are many more reasons why affiliate marketing is such a great business model, but let`s leave it at the above mentioned ones for now. Below you will find a list of all reasons why affiliate marketing is so awesome!

1. Affiliate marketing is cheap and effective. Making money doesn`t get any easier than this! All you have to do is promote other people`s stuff and then get paid for it! That`s it! The only thing that you have to do is find a product or service that interests you and that your audience might be interested in as well and then promote it via banner ads embedded in your website, banners displayed on other websites or videos embedded in your videos. If somebody buys a product or service from the advertiser after clicking on one of your links then you get a commission from the advertiser for bringing them a new customer without having to do anything else!

2. Affiliate programs are everywhere! If you need a product or service then there is an affiliate program somewhere on the net where you can go get it for free or almost free! You can get information about almost everything from affiliate programs, from health care to sports equipment, from entertainment to clothes and from food to computers! No matter what your audience likes there will be an affiliate program selling it somewhere! And if there isn`t then just start your own affiliate program! That`s how easy it is!

3. Affiliate programs are trustworthy! When people buy something they don`t want to read some sales pitch that sounds like it came straight out of a used car dealer`s mouth, they want honest information about the product or service they are buying! That`s why affiliate marketers are so trusted by their customers! Customers trust the words of their friends and family over anybody else so if they see something on an affiliate marketer`s website or blog they assume that this person really likes the product they are promoting because otherwise they wouldn`t be promoting it! Furthermore most affiliate marketers would never promote products that they don`t like themselves because if their audience doesn`t like their recommendations, they won`t like them either! Affiliate marketing is open source advertising! Your customers trust YOU! So if you like something then most likely your customers will like it too! That means that every time someone clicks on your link you are making money while at the same time doing something good for society because you are spreading information about great products and services to people who may otherwise never hear about them! How cool is that?!? Think about it…if you become successful with affiliate marketing then you will be able to bring happiness into the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people around the world just by sharing some information about great products through your website, blog or forum posts! Sounds pretty awesome right? Well it is awesome! That`s why I love affiliate marketing so much! Not just because I am making money with it but also because I am helping people while doing so! That`s what makes it so awesome! Take a look at some examples of affiliate programs on Amazon if you don`t believe me! Many of these products would not exist if it wasn`t for affiliate programs! And many more would not be available if it wasn`t for affiliates! So let�s get started with creating some awesome content about affiliate programs right away before somebody else does it first! And remember…this is not just some regular piece of content that you are running here…this is YOUR opportunity to give back to society! What could possibly be better than that? I mean cmon..is there anything more awesome than being able to help people while doing something YOU love? I didn`t think so

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