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What to do with your Commute Time

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series number 17 what to do with your commute time now the average commute time for the average American is about two two and a half hours it's a lot of time throughout the day you might think well it's just two hours that's not much but it's five days a week for weeks per month 11 or 12 months per year that really adds up you're losing hundreds and hundreds of hours that could have been saved and could have been used more productively our two options in dealing with your commute time you can either cut it out where you carpool or where you live closer to work or where you follow the script that I'm about to tell you so you can work a little more from home get more done that's the first option cut it second option here is to be more productive during that time so maybe you're taking a bus to work maybe you're taking a train to work maybe you're taking a car to work there are ways to be more productive so for example if you're on the bus or on the train you're going to work you can be reading you could be doing a little bit of work during that time instead of just goofing around now if you're driving you can't necessarily do that where you're reading and driving at the same time that's not going to happen but you can still take steps to be more productive when you're driving so you could be listening to a podcast you can be listening to you know audio tapes listening to the news learning and catching up on things that are going on around you but if you aren't interested in cutting that down I'm gonna give you a script here it's a five-minute conversation with your boss so you can cut down how much time you actually go to work in terms of days per week so maybe you work from home one day per week 2 weeks 2 days per week so on and so forth but it still helps you and cuts down on that commute time that can be used in other times in other ways to help you get more done.

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