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How this Type of Communication is Killing your Productivity

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 28 how in-person communication is killing your productivity now have you ever set out with a clear intention I saw with the tasks to be accomplished you know you start talking to somebody about it and then you get off-topic or you start talking about you know kids family life other things come up then you find yourself forgetting what you originally came to do to talk with that person in person to really emphasize your point or to get a point across or to clarify something and we all been there we've all done that then we realize that wait a second I actually spent way too much time play too much energy dealing with this when it should have been quick and that's a problem especially when it happens day in day out month in month out year and year out it really adds up it can actually prevent that and make it easier on yourself save that time save that energy save that intention for more important things and save those conversations for after when things are to be done now if you look at it if that time wasted was five minutes per day if you take that per week that's 25 minutes per week okay per month 100 minutes per month take that over a year's time about 5,000 minutes wasted okay about a hundred hours now if you think about it like that are you giving up a hundred hours two and a half work weeks just for in-person communication when it could have done been done digitally really changes your perspective use digital communication email most the time a phone call any other way to transmit that information to get what you need to be getting done can be done with other other digital means where you can cut back on that in-person waste so cut down on in-person communication save yourself a lot of time.

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