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Start the Day Off Right Everytime

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June 15, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series  number 16 start the day off right on the  right foot every time now we talked  about the morning routine we talked  about making sure you don't hit the  snooze button and we talked about sleep  cycle the REM cycle making sure your  body knows when it's time to work and  when not it knows when it's time to  sleep the correct psychology to concur  in a day is to have a little bit of me  time time you can focus on yourself time  where you can isolate in space yourself  offering the rest of the world even if  it's just five minutes even if it's just  ten minutes or maybe a couple minutes  time to yourself where you can have a  little space to decompress a little  space to relax not have to worry about  other issues it's only going to help you  even if it's five minutes it's worth it  now here are some examples maybe it's  five minutes of yoga in the morning five  minutes of meditation five minutes of  chess some cartoons I don't know your  life do the thing that you want to do  that you care about most and it's going  to empower your psychology it's going to  empower the way you feel it's going to  get you started off right by having a  space in your life you're gonna get more  done and accomplish more in the day now  let's flip this on its head and see what  would happen if you didn't have that  meantime you get up you're stressed out  you're already running from a task a  gnat ask me to task see and you go to  sleep and it's the same cycle so you  wake up there's no rest you keep on  going you keep on working you keep on  trying to do more and more and it's  stressful it feels like a lot is going  on at once but if you have a little me  time  then you're gonna feel a lot better and  going to do everything with a lot more  enthusiasm and a lot more energy.

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