Overview of Productivity Methodology

A Brief Overview of the this Productivity Methodology

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series bonus number one so it's a bonus productivity hack for you a brief overview of the GTD methodology now GTD is getting things done it's a methodology that's commonplace it's commonly practiced as a way to get more things done in life and wait to handle tasks and a way to deal with things that are incoming in your life I'm going to walk you through the process here it's best to look at it and have you and show you walk you through it rather than me explaining it so I'm gonna walk you through and show you the process step by step how it works and how to implement it now the GTD process getting things done is very straightforward very easy I've given you it in chunks and pieces so far throughout this course but let's go over it in full detail here with a nice flowchart okay so the idea is this is the outside world Azur things that are coming into your world so Gmail you have mail what it shows here phone calls voicemails notifications from other apps and all that gets put into this inbox here now whether that's a physical impacts tray that you have on your desk or a virtual inbox you know like a Gmail inbox it all gets put there so everything from the outside world gets put into the inbox and then it becomes a question of whether it's actionable or not now if it is action all actionable you can turn it into a project here you can turn it into a project and figure out the tasks and then remember the two-minute rule so if it takes less than two minutes to complete it then you just do it okay you figure that out and if not if it isn't actionable then just delete it or reference it we've talked about Evernote you can save them for later or you can put it on a list for later okay and that's the idea so once that's done if it's a project you can always figure out what to do first delegate defer this is delete remember the 3ds we talked about and you can always schedule it remember we talked about using your calendar to your benefit this is the entire flow here so instead of dealing with everything at once you put it all in your Inbox and one time per day or two times per day you go through your inbox whether it's your email whether it's your physical inbox and you work through it and process it and then figure out what to do with it so rather than your life being a chaotic mess or you know taking more time than he wanted it to you can just follow this process here and I'm going to reference this article as well so you can take a deeper dive into it

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