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How to Type 5x Faster with a Software Tool

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number 56 had typed five times faster with a software tool how value would this be to you in the last lecture we talked about the value of a keyboard and how to use that to your benefit you know the colemak versus the Dvorak versus the QWERTY normal keyboard but how valuable would it be to you if you can type five times faster even if it's 2 times faster how much more you can get done in a day especially if you're a writer for somebody who's typing a lot so it'd be quite valuable now how do you do it what does this software tool it's actually a text replace or so instead of typing out the full word it's actually gonna replace the text that you type these shortcuts it's gonna replace it with the full text I can use this to write paragraphs with a couple keystrokes you can write use it to replace words with a couple keys pressed but the point is that it's going to make it a lot faster for you to type and if you're not clear on what this is yet it's a text replacer it's a text filler in tool so you type in a normal word or you type in a shortened shortcut it's going to give you and replace whatever's there with the full text I think the best way to explain this is to actually show you how it works in action so now on phrase Express com this is the text expander that I use and if you see down here I pulled it up there it is phrase Express that's the one I use and says you save $74 by using phrase Express I take how long it usually takes the tie to type something and then they figure out how much you can actually save but I want it this example here is very powerful I want to show you this video here of it in action as to how effective it can be with this phrase Express here do you also find yourself typing common phrases over and over again fred's Express is silently listening in recognizes repetitive text input suddenly out of nowhere while offers to complete such phrases for you multiple phrases beginning with the same word can be selected from a pop-up menu now narrow down why you type Prez Express can also expand abbreviations and correct typos in any application not just invert or output to act your own appropriation simply highlight the desired text click create your phrase enter the altar text and just said you [Music] you could trigger phrases also buy honkies extroverts can be linked an addition of custom text can be embedded within a phrase to trade smart boilerplate templates powerful functions allow adding dynamic contents such as the current time or date or even future times [Music] include text formatting bitmaps or a random quote despise up your signature the offer powerful databases for example to add the actual contents of a food editor the six press can help doctors to enter diagnostic terms including conversion to the icd-10 classification the windows clipboard can only store one item at a time and is overwritten whenever you copy new contents [Music] Prez Express Mail keeps in the history of your clear part and provide easy access to recent restored text items [Music] res Express also speeds up the southern weapon for example you can quickly look for a time in Wikipedia with just a few keystrokes I'll launch any application by simply typing of its name it is so easy just right-click the desired program and assign a shortcut that's it you can then launch the program from everywhere in a snap plus Express is free for personal use download your copy now from price Express calm.

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