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How to Juggle 100 Multi-Faceted Projects at Once

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our academy series number 49 do you have repetitive tasks make them easier by doing this how much time would you say you waste on repetitive tasks or things you do over and over that don't need to be done or don't need to be taken care of so on and so forth now let's talk about what you should do with those automate it now if you take a task and you automate it it usually takes you five minutes per day if you automate it that saves you five minutes per day 25 minutes per week 100 minutes per month so on and so forth so you can see the benefits I have pretty quickly you're saving tens to hundreds of hours per year by automating even if it's just a small 5-minute task per day now let's define the steps in the automation process so now let's go through the automation process so you know how to do this you know how to correctly implement it so the first step here is to define the steps so what are the steps that need to be done in order to accomplish the task second is to cut out the unnecessary steps you will find out pretty quickly that you list out ten steps and four of those steps are necessary you're trying to achieve a certain outcome and all those steps in the middle weren't necessary to cut out the unnecessary steps here then you look at other solutions other tools online technology software's apps to actually do this for you so you'll have to worry about it and one of the previous lectures we talked about how to cut your email down 90% in five minutes using the tool unroll not me that's an example of automation so instead of going and deleting your emails like you're used to or unsubscribing from your emails which is a repetitive process it's a repetitive task we are able to automate all of that with a software tool so we use unroll dot me and we use that to cut down all of that it's automated we don't have to worry about an email we do it once and we the benefits for life so it's those sorts of solutions those sorts of software's that we're looking for when dealing with automation now at the end of this last step here with automation is to refine it so if the automation goes great and it's smooth and you don't have to think about it and it runs nicely then that's all you do you're done but if something goes wrong something is off maybe it doesn't automate 100% correctly then you refine it and make sure it runs smoothly runs correctly 100% of the time.

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