Learn Online How to Eat an Elephant

How to Eat an Elephant

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January 11, 2020

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series number two how to eat an elephant now how do you eat an elephant you might have heard this metaphor might have heard this concept before but I really want to reiterate it so we know how to use it to our benefit now how do you Calvin one by n of a time you see the little elephant here one chunks been taken out another chunk another chunk another chunk and sooner or later the elephant is entirely gone now not recommending that you go out and hunt elephants I'm not recommending they go out and eat elephants do what you will but we want to see how this all relates to productivity when you're dealing with large tasks seemingly insurmountable tasks seemingly intense tasks you want to take little bite-sized action steps take the smallest step you can take when you're dealing with a large task if you take a little step every day at the end of the year you'll have taken 365 tiny steps that's gonna get you to where you want to be so when you come and deal with productivity don't think about the entire project don't think about having to launch that new marketing campaign don't think about having to clean your entire house don't worry about having to do the large thing focus on the smallest thing with the cleaning your house example what's the smallest thing I can do well I can pick up a couple things okay once you do that well that was pretty easy what about if I vacuumed so you vacuumed and then it builds from there you take a small step you have a victory and you go from there that's how you get large things done that's how you eat an elephant.

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